What other podcasts are you listening to?


Ask a cycling coach is fantastic, and I look forward to it every week. Along the way i’ve Discovered some other great stuff that I think is worth sharing:

The MTB Podcastby Jonathan and his buddy Steven Lewis is a great. Episode 53 featuring trails in Arkansas gives you an idea of the work these guys put in to produce the show.

Anyone else have a recommendation?


Are you looking for Cycling related ones only?

Here’s my list


Doesn’t have to be cycling focused.


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I’m still really only a guest on there. Ray and I need to get our arses into gear and start making a bike/gear/tech podcast. We’ve both talked about it a lot. It’s another +1 thing to do. It’s easy to talk all day long about this stuff… the production is the hangup at the moment.

My contribution to this thread: The Forward Podcast. Yes, it’s Lance… but it’s one hell of a good listen.