What’s the best upgrade or bike component you have purchased in the last 12 months


We all love shiny new bike bits, but what have you bolted to your bike in the last 12 months that has made the biggest difference, something that perhaps you couldn’t now ride without?

I’ll start with TOGS (Thumb Over Grip System). I have been aware of these for years but it wasn’t until the guys on the podcast mentioned them that I decided to give them a try. I’ve fitted them to both my mountain bikes, both of which are ridden and raced in marathon races. They offer the perfect hook/rest for my thumbs in a position I quite often find myself riding in. This offers more control, leverage and a more sustainable alternative hand position on longer rides and races. Highly recommended!


Longer stem.


For CX - 1x drivetrain with drop stop chainring and clutch rear mech. Making it a bit simpler. No more mud clogged front derailleur chain scraping issues. Had some problems last year. Also only 1 set of cables to worry about replacing now :slight_smile:


52 mm rims. Because 30 mm rims looked ridiculous on a TT bike.


For me it was running a full length rear mech cable housing on my Cannondale SuperX. The normal routing is un-housed via the BB shell and it caused no end of shifting problems in the Scottish CX mud-baths.

Not very bling and not very expensive but a huge improvement.


My favourite has been the set of 50mm carbon clinchers. I haven’t bought ‘much’ else this year.


Built a set of Nox Citico hoops, I9 hubs and Sapim cx-ray spokes for the gravel bike.


I love the non expensive, non bling upgrades. As a Scotsman (albeit one who now lives in Oz) I can appreciate any upgrade that helps keep Scotland’s finest out of any moving parts!


I might try copying that upgrade. My shifting has never quite been right. Also goes via bottom bracket (not a Cannondale though). Mine is mostly internal mind you. Did you just cable tie the outer to the frame?


Specialized Power Saddle. But not so much the saddle and more the bike fit I got that lead me to buying the saddle. So much more comfortable.


On the Super X, I cable tied the outer to the rear break cable along the top tube and then crossed it over behind the seat tube and cable tied it directly to the chainstay with a big loop to the mech.


eTap :slight_smile:


The cowbell or thumb actuated bells I bought for the MTB. It’s really nice to have a trail clear of hikers pretty much all the time.


Subscribing to TrainerRoad, and building a functional indoor setup that is always ready to train.


Bet the hikers love you! :aquarius: :bellhop_bell::bellhop_bell::mountain_biking_man::bellhop_bell::bellhop_bell::aquarius:


There were a few close calls with others over the summer. When I rode in New Mexico it was appreciate among hikers.


Clip on aero bars… best £30 I’ll ever spend on the bike.


The wireless inline unit for Di2 that allows you to use the hidden buttons to change pages on your cycling computer, check the battery life, and see what gear you are in without having to look down or take your hands off the bars.

I’d like to get some Ant+ enabled lights as well so they automatically turn on and off as well in conjunction with the computer.


i crashed my Scott CR1 and bent the gear hanger - unfortunately it was the style of frame with the integrated hanger and the frame was deemed a write off by the carbon doctors.

So I guess the best upgrade I have bought for my bike this year is a Planet X EC-130E area road frame… :wink:


I never owned better wheels before but I could never go back to something heavier than 1600 grams