What’s the best upgrade or bike component you have purchased in the last 12 months


This… Colnago C60 Racing in Traditional Geometry!


+3. Power saddle with fitted width = game changer!


Santa Cruz carbon wheels on the Hightower LT. They track amazingly well. My first carbon wheel set ever. Love em


Yep. I was fitted to a 163mm. Definately a gamechanger!


Well in the past year… etap, wheels, stem, bars, saddle, pedals, direct drive trainer, shoes, helmet, more wheels, another pair of shoes and helmet, frame and fork,TR.

The best thing by far was the trainer and TR. The rest is all great stuff but won’t help me as much as the trainer and TR!


Adding a fixed gear track bike to the stable. It’s so much fun and it is my go to bike now.




I bought a used 26" small frame mountain bike and converted it to a a dirt jumper by making it single speed, installing riser bars, upgrading the fork, and getting some DJ tires. It’s so much fun to ride at the jump park and pump track (practically jumps itself) and this was the best thing I did all year to improve my handling on the MTB.


The most significant thing that has happened to my cycling recently has been the Ramp Test. For the first time I feel that my FTP is a real FTP that I could hold for an hour. That has led to me nailing all my workouts without extra rests and there isn’t a workout I dread anymore.


Cervelo R3.



Custom Ti Monster Cross frame with Enve MTN fork, MCFK wheels, White crankset, Force 1 and Garbaruk 10-50 cassette. Built it for SRMR but it’s pretty quick on the road too.


Nice! Is that a Redshift stem? Just about to order one for my gravel bike. Do you rate it?


Tomorrow I’m going to pick up the Specialized Power Arc. Did you consider it before buying the Power?


Just this week I put on a CeramicSpeed waxed chain on my Giant Trinity tri bike. Wow :open_mouth: Massive difference!


Yes Redshift Stem. To be honest with 29x 2.2” tyres and a very compliant frame and fork, I couldn’t tell much difference. But I know quite a few people who rate it for gravel bikes with skinnier tyres.


Yeah I can imagine that with your setup the benefits of the stem might be hard to see. I’m running 40mm tyres though so hopefully I’ll see some benefit.


Nope sorry. I tried a few other Specialized saddles during my fitting but the power felt best.