What’s your cycling tech stack?


Before I really nerd out on this, and explain how I use the apps below together. I wanted to ask the community if it’s something they’d be interested in…? Give this topic a like if you do and I’ll get after it.

I’d also love to hear how others use in the world of apps and tech to train, track and manage their fitness.


  • TrainerRoad (indoor training)
  • Garmin Connect
  • Strava (outdoor activities)
  • MyFinessPal (food only)
  • Wahoo
  • Google (docs, sheets, etc.)
  • Slack (team comms)


  • HTC M8 (android) dedicated to TrainerRoad (inside)
  • Garmin 510 (outside)


  • Garmin Vector (power meter)
  • Garmin premium heart rate strap (heart rate monitor)


  • Wahoo Kickr (indoor smart trainer)

What apps and software are you using and why?
What apps and software are you using and why?

I’d be interested, always like new tech!

Funny actually, i was just thinking about starting a thread about this very same thing!


Thanks! Yeah, i’m curious to see what other have cobbled together too. There are so many tools out there. I’d just be scratching the surface.



  • TrainerRoad
  • Training Peaks
    *WKO 4
  • Strava (outdoor activities)
  • MyFinessPal
  • Wahoo app (if travelling and don’t have my own equipment with me)
    *MS Excel
  • Elite Hrv
    *cyclemeter (outdoor activities)
    *Trailforks (route planning and navigation)
    *DC rainmaker power comparison app


  • Ipad and Wahoo Elemnt inside (occasionally Mac)
  • Wahoo Elemnt bolt outside


  • Powertap P1 (Road bike) and Stages L (MTB) power meters
  • Wahoo Tickr
    *wahoo speed sensor
    *wahoo cadence
    *BSX Insight


  • Wahoo Kickr (indoor smart trainer)
    *Feedback Sports Omnium trainer (travel and race warmup)
    *Elite Quick-motion Rollers (breaks up the monotony of trainer riding and some core work)


Oh man . . . I think writing this all down is going to make me cringe since I’ve got a lot of hardware overlap. Here goes…


Wahoo Utility
Garmin Connect
Ride with GPS


Hammerhead Karoo
Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt
Omata One
Garmin Fenix 5X


Favero Assioma Dual pedal power meter (road bike)
Pioneer Ultegra left-only power meter (gravel bike)
Wahoo speed sensor (both bikes)


Wahoo Kickr



  • TrainerRoad (indoor training)
  • TrainerRoad Calendar (my new way to go to structure all my trainings)
  • Garmin Connect (dont really use it actively)
  • Strava (outdoor activities, I export them all into trainerroad now)
  • Facebook Messenger and group rides (team comms)


  • Garmin 1000 (outside)
  • Macbook pro for trainerroad


  • 4iii (power meter)
  • Garmin speed sensor
  • Garmin heart rate strap (heart rate monitor)


  • An old elite fluid trainer



  • TrainerRoad (indoor training)
  • Garmin Connect (never use, only to bluetooth my rides to strava)
  • Strava (outdoor activities)
  • Probikegarage


  • Ultranote Laptop
  • Garmin 810 (Outside)


  • Wahoo Cadence sensor
  • Garmin heart rate strap (heart rate monitor)


  • Wahoo Kickr '16 (indoor smart trainer)


This is going to be painful to list… triathletes have loads of cross-over!

  • TrainerRoad
  • Strava
  • Garmin Connect
  • Wahoo Fitness
  • Wahoo Elemnt app
  • Training Peaks
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Tacx Utility
  • HRV4 Training
  • VDOT Calculator
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Sworkit
  • YouTube
  • PerfPro (for group turbo sessions)
  • Epic Ride Weather


  • Wahoo Elemnt
  • Garmin 735XT
  • Wahoo Elemnt Bolt
  • Lenovo Yoga 500
  • Ipad AIr
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Tempo Trainer Pro


  • Wahoo Tickr Fit
  • Wahoo Speed & Cadence
  • Quarq Elsa
  • Garmin Vector 2
  • Powertap G3
  • Milestone Footpod
    ** a multitude of other speed/cadence & hr devices**


  • Tacx Vortex Smart
  • Salus Sport Treadmill

Other Stuff:
this typically falls into the ‘what i use to coach camp, but I do get some personal use out of it’

  • 100" projector screen
  • HD projector
  • QTX QR12 PA system


My list is relatively short compared to many of you


  • TrainerRoad
  • Garmin Connect (never use, only to bluetooth my rides to strava)
  • Strava
  • TrainingPeaks (unpaid)
  • Wattsboard


  • HP ProBook laptop
  • Garmin 820


  • Wahoo Tickr
  • PowerTap P1 pedals


  • Wahoo Kickr Core


My list


  • TrainerRoad
  • Garmin Connect (never use, only to bluetooth my rides to strava)
  • Strava
  • TrainingPeaks (unpaid)
  • WKO4
  • Sufferfest - annual sub but I don’t use currently
  • Looking at Fulgaz to run in background with TR session - new version seems to do that


  • HP laptop
  • Garmin 8100
  • Ipad 4 - only if Fulgaz is used


  • Wahoo cadence
  • Wahoo Tickr
  • PowerTap P1 pedals


  • Wahoo Kickr 2018


Here is my long list!


  • TrainerRoad
  • Training Peaks (paid)
  • Tower 26 Swim Program
  • Garmin Connect
  • Strava (unpaid)
  • Zwift
  • Zwift Companion
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Cronometer
  • Wahoo Fitness
  • HRV4 Training
  • Powertap App
  • Athlinks


  • HP ZBook 15"
  • IPhone 8 Plus
  • ITouch
  • Future Black Friday PC Build: AMD Ryzen 5 2600, 16gbs ram, 500gb SSD, Radeon RX 580
  • Garmin 935


  • Wahoo Tickr
  • Garmin Speed Sensor
  • Power Tap P1 Pedals
  • Garmin Triathlon/Swim HR monitors
  • Garmin Footpod


  • Kickr Snap 2017


  • Aftershokz Trek Titanium
  • Jaybird Freedom 2


I’ve whittled my list down to two essentials:

  • Garmin Edge 520 for capturing outdoor rides (power, cadence, speed sensors)
  • TrainerRoad for structured training, controlling Kickr, and (some) analysis

Absolutely need those two.

Supporting cast.

After those we come to the (somewhat optional) supporting cast of tech players:

  • Strong app for strength training
  • Garmin Connect for syncing workouts (TR too) and tracking things like tire mileage
  • RideWithGPS (free) account to download turn-by-turn routes for group rides (our club has a paid account)
  • Strava private segments in case I forget to hit lap button on outside training rides
  • Veloviewer for quickly searching activities to find things like “all rides >3 hours and intensity above 80%” and then Strava segment searches like “all the rides with climbs >1 mile and between 4-6% grade”
  • TrainingPeaks to measure aerobic decoupling
  • Strava is mostly about seeing all the awesome rides that friends are doing. And the TR podcast and forum for all things training.


And then as the credits roll, we get to things like Apple Watch series 4, Garmin speed sensor, Stages power and cadence sensor, Varia radar, Aria digital scale, MyFitnessPal because Fitbit can’t get its syncing act together, Wahoo fitness app for Kickr updates and because Wahoo adds unsupported convenience features (Erg Speed Sim) that require launching Wahoo app before TR, Garmin HR sensor, Wahoo HR sensor, MacBook Pro laptop, about to be free TrainingPeaks account, etc, etc.


Garmin Connect

Pioneer PM
Garmin 520

iPad Pro 12”


Trainer Road
Strava (Jan 19 - unpaid)
Garmin Connect (used as gateway central hub)
Veloviewer (paid)

Garmin Edge 520
Surface Pro 4 i7 16GRam
Gemini PDA - everyday phone, also used netflix whilst on turbo
Numo S30 - My indestructible outdoor mobile phone
Garmin Forerunner 305 (been tracking my activities by GPS since 2006)
Garmin Forerunner 310
Garmin Forerunner 310xt
(Forerunners - used for Ride & Run tracking)
Blackberry mini bluetooth keyboard (128bit encrypted for chat on Zwift!)
Garmin GPS62 Map for touring off road
My Designated Cycling Phone - IP67 Numo S30 solid reliable MTB phone

Mixture of Garmin Heart Rate straps soft & hard ones x5
Garmin Cadence sensor x2
Garmin speed sensor x2
Quarq XX1 Eagle Dzero power meter with carbon tuned cranks
Garmin Index Smart Scale

Cyclops Hammer

Other stuff
Panasonic 32 Flatscreen
Sony Stereo sound system
Fiio x5 Hi-Res player
Pure digital radio
Flaer Terra - Chain performance System
Diesel Heater for warming garage for training


Something you guys with Strava unpaid can add to your list is a cool browser extension for chrome, opera or firefox called Elevate. You can get a fitness and freshness graph, year progressions and many other useful views.


Isn’t that StravistiX ? Guess its been renamed!


Yeah originally Stravistix. But had to be changed for legal reasons afaik . I think it’s gone through a few names.


Garmin Connect (primary for tracking inside and outside rides)
Trainer Road (primary)
Sufferfest (believe it or not, just the yoga)

Garmin Edge 1030
Dell Laptop (actually my work engineering laptop but does a great job)

Garmin Vector 3 (replacable batteries)
Garmin chest strap heart rate
Wahoo Tickr Fit (use this as primary heart rate)
Favero Assioma Power Meter Duo (vs sealed non-replacable batteries)
Duotrap speed and cadence (backup cadence for issues with pedals or outdoor rides)
Wahoo ant+ usb plus 3 meter extension (works with windows, no issues)

Wahoo Kickr x2 (yes, I have a backup since I’ve had such bad luck with Wahoo)

honeywell ht-900 x2


Interesting. I’m realizing how minimalist I am now. A NYC apartment will do that to you.

I’m primarily a fixed gear rider but do almost all of my TR workouts on my gear road bike (Baxter, Carter, Pettit, Taku are all great fixed on rollers). While outdoor I ride almost all fixed.


  • Trainer Road (Workouts, calendar, analytics)
  • Strava (KOMs & Social)
  • Wahoo Element (Head unit control/setup)
  • Garmin Connect (Pedal control/setup)
  • Health Mate (Nokia scale)
  • iOS Health (Data dump)


  • iPhone XS (with case to mount to out-front mount for all indoor workouts - I follow all workouts here and will occasionally do podcasts, audio books or music during)
  • iPad Pro 11" (Analytics, planning, research)
  • Wahoo Element Bolt (Head unit for outdoors)
  • Apple AirPods, left side only when I use them)

Indoor and Outdoor, always

  • Garmin Vector 3s (Left side only)
  • Wahoo Tickr (Heart rate data)


  • Feedback Sports Omnium Over-drive (Primary trainer + travel warmup)
  • Tacx Antares (Rollers, because they are god)


  • Generic rotating vertical floor fan from CVS



  • TrainerRoad
  • Strava (just to keep up with old training partners who live elsewhere)
  • MyFinessPal
  • Fitbit (have a Fitbit scale)
  • Zwift (just for something else to look at on the trainer)
  • Garmin Connect (never really look at it though)


  • Mac + iPhone/iPad for indoor training
  • Garmin Edge 520 on the road and gravel/cross bike
  • Garmin Fenix 3 on the MTB (also for swimming, running & skiing)
  • Dedicated Apple TV for pain cave entertainment
  • 4 flat screens in the pain cave (Apple TV, TR, & Zwift. Usually all running together. 4th screen is in front of treadmill and connected to same Apple TV)


  • Power2Max NG on the road bike
  • Power2Max Eco on the gravel/cross bike
  • Wahoo Tickr


  • Wahoo Kickr
  • Feedback Sports Omnium trainer (for when I travel)
  • An old crappy treadmill that still get the job done