What’s your cycling tech stack?



iPad Pro 12.9
Mac mini

Stages Power SRAM Rival GXP

Tacx Flow T1682 (the white & yellow one)

Yes (no idea what make/model)



  • TrainerRoad (my number 1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
  • Strava (summit/premium 2014-2019, won’t renew since they don’t support running power)
  • Garmin Connect
  • TrainingPeaks (why?)
  • Nokia Health Mate
  • Tacx & Wahoo Utility
  • Stryd
  • Perfect Pace


  • Garmin Edge 1030 (second unit, first one halo’ed)
  • Garmin Forerunner 935 (second unit, small cracks in the OHR sensor)
  • Dell Precision Laptop (to run my awesome TR workouts)


  • Wahoo Tickr (cycling/indoor)
  • Wahoo Speed (on the road bike)
  • Favero Assioma Duo (on the road bike)
  • Stages Power L XTR (on the mountain bike)
  • Suunto Smart HR (running)
  • Stryd Footpod (running with power)


  • Tacx Neo Smart T2800



Apple Watch
PowerTap P1S

KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) :slight_smile:



Garmin Connect
TrainingPeaks (until sub runs out)


Garmin Edge 1000
iPad Air2 (for TR and Zwift) [thinking of switching to android based device]
Garmin vivoactive (mostly to track daily steps and the occasional run)


Favero Assioma Duo pedal power meter
Garmin magnetless speed sensor
Scosche Rhythm+ HRM (indoor)
Garmin HRM chest strap (outdoor)
Garmin Varia Radar (MUST HAVE IMHO!)


Wahoo KICKR gen1


Plantonics BackBeat FIT Headphones
Lasko 3-speed remote fan


I break mind down a little differently:

Fitness and Weight: MyFitnessPal and Fitbit. I keep my fitbit on during all ‘proper’ exercise and let it accumulate calories to MFP. Then separately I have:

Training Peaks paid for the overall planning and measurement of indoor and outdoor cycling, indoor rowing, weights and strength work.

Indoor cycling: Kickr, TrainerRoad for structured training, Zwift for unstructured, free riding.

Outdoor cycling: Wahoo Elemnt. All outdoor and free indoor riding is uploaded to Strava and Training Peaks.

Indoor rowing: Concept2 rower, PM5/ErgData uploads to Concept2 logbook, and from there to Strava and Training Peaks.

Strava mainly used for social stuff (I’m not on Facebook), TrainingPeaks and TrainerRoad used for serious stuff.

Weights and Strength I just use a heart rate monitor and Garmin Connect to get the data in a format suitable for TrainingPeaks. One of the things I don’t like so much about weights and strength is that there is no measure of the work done, just the HR. The thing I like about the rower and the bike is that that I know how much work I’m doing for the HR I’m expending.


Oh boy.

Wahoo Kickr18 with headwind and Climb.
Tacx Neo.

Garmin connect.

Cumputers indoor.
iPad, IPhone ATV4k MacBook.

Outdoor units.
Garmin 1030.
Garmin Fenix 5X.

Power meters.
Quarq Dzero Red.
Quarq Dzero Aluminum
Quarq DFour91

HR monitors.
Garmin HRM3.
Wahoo TickrX.

Probably forgot something :sweat_smile:


Thanks so much for pointing out Elevate! The only reason I’m paying for Strava is to have the fitness graph available, especially to measure form. I wish TrainerRoad would incorporate this. Until that happens, the extension is a great workaround.


yeah same here.
Strava live segements - meh, Heart rate zones - meh, suffer score - meh,
power analysis, power curve - TrainerRoad and TrainingPeaks, custom goals - Elevate, fitness/freshness - Elevate



  • TrainerRoad for winter base and increasingly for analytics
  • TrainingPeaks for metrics (weight, hrv, injury/sickness, comments on workouts), analytics, annual planning, calendar (for now?) and summer outdoor training plans until we can take TrainerRoad on the road
  • Zwift for running non-TrainerRoad workouts and to send virtual miles to Strava for all indoor rides
  • Strava for social and fun with segments
  • Garmin Connect for a few analytics and exporting to other platforms
  • MyFitnesspal for calories and weight tracking
  • RepCount for strength training


  • MacBook Pro for Zwift via Garmin ANT+ dongle
  • iPhone X for TrainerRoad controlled workouts
  • Garmin 1030for outdoor rides


  • Wahoo RPM cadence
  • Wahoo Speed (outdoor only)
  • Wahoo Tickr X


  • Wahoo Kickr Snap v2


Repcount looks really interesting. One of the things I don’t like about weights and strength is how difficult it is to track progress relative to cycling or rowing.


It’s the app I found to be the best balance between features and UI friendliness. It’s pretty simplistic but the competitors have such loud UI or are too tedious to create custom workout routines. While there are some key features I’d like to see (exercise-level notes, supporting hyperlinks or images in notes fields) it’s overall a nice app to create the workout routines and keep track of history. Plus, it’s not another monthly sub which is increasingly common with strength journal apps.



TrainingPeaks (training headquarters. I use it for my long term periodization planning, all things data, love my charts and graphs)
Strava Premium (social, segments, I find the “analysis” page an easier quick glance after a ride)
TrainerRoad (for execution of the training plan, this will be my first off season on TR. Used a FasCat plan last year, which was my first off season of structured training)
Zwift (still have this, but I like running it simultaneously with TR so I have more visuals during indoor training)
Garmin Connect (really just an intermediary for data feeds)


Macbook Pro (indoor training, use with an external monitor for two screens.)
Garmin 520


Powertap P1 Pedals (move around to most of my bikes, love its mobility)
Powertap C1 Chainring (on my TT bike, got it before I had the pedals.)
Garmin HRM
Garmin Index Smart Scale


Wahoo Kickr Core



  • TrainerRoad (Indoor Training)
  • Strava (Outdoor Activities)
  • Wahoo Fitness App (Firmware)
  • RideWithGPS (Route Planning)


  • Apple iPad 2017 - TrainerRoad
  • Apple iPhone X - Music while working out
  • JLab Bluetooth Headphones


  • Wahoo ELEMNT (Cycling Computer)
  • Wahoo TICKR X (Heart Rate)
  • Wahoo SPEED (Speed Sensor)
  • Power2Max NG (Power Meter - does cadence too)


  • Wahoo KICKR 2017 (Indoor Smart Trainer)
  • Lasko Wind Tunnel (Fan)

Me? A Wahoo Fan? :stuck_out_tongue:



  • TrainerRoad: on free month trial via referral, not sure if I will stay on it but I do like it a lot. Before having access to TR I would just copy my friends’ TR workouts that they posted to Strava.
  • Strava Summit (minus the safety bundle)
  • Peloton: Matt Wilpers and the pro rider classes are solid. I don’t have a peloton bike.
  • Smart Scale Sync: app I built to sync weight from Withings to Garmin Connect/Strava/TrainerRoad
  • Concept2 Logbook: for rowing, syncs to Strava (limited support - power data from the rowing machine will corrupt your cycling power data). I wish I could sync the power data to Garmin Connect.


  • Forerunner 935
  • iPad: for peloton / TrainerRoad
  • iPhone: if I’m doing a peloton workout on a Keiser bike at the gym, I’ll watch the class on my iPhone.
  • AirPods/Nike Vapor Ebay (knockoffs?)/Bose SoundSport BLE: Don’t have a strong preference here for trainer workouts. If I’m running then it’s a different story. My AirPods won’t stay in after 40 min mark bc too sweaty, and the Bose headphones are a tad heavy and require me to have a BLE device with music (I don’t like lugging my phone on runs). So for running I prefer an old iPod shuffle and the Nike Vapor corded headphones which I buy on ebay now that they are discontinued.


  • Vector 3
  • Garmin speed sensor
  • Wahoo HRM Chest Strap / Garmin HRM-Run Chest Strap




Garmin Connect (outdoor - pushes to all other apps)
TrainerRoad (indoor - pushes to all other apps)
Endomondo (not useful anymore, but was my first tracking app and I don’t want to end it)


Samsung Note 5 (indoors)
Garmin Edge 520 (outdoors & indoors)


Garmin speed & cadence sensor


CycleOps Magneto (retired)
Wahoo Kickr Core (just purchased last night)


@TristanM Random question based on your response :slight_smile: Just picked up a new TT and some Garmin Vector 3s… how do you like using the Wahoo computer for your head unit? At the moment, all I have is my Forerunner 920XT. Not ideal, but “it works.”


@mrlavalamp (great handle btw) - I love my Wahoo. So much in fact that I have both the Elemnt and the Elemnt Bolt. My Garmin 735XT has it’s place for swim, run & triathlon, but for cycling I haven’t found a better head unit.
It just works, the screen is readable in any conditions, the battery life is great, and it just works (did I mention that!) :slight_smile:
I ride with a big group, and there is an even mix of Garmin & Wahoo in our group. The one thing that happens on almost every ride is that someone with a Garmin unit will have a problem (won’t work in the cold, freezes up, won’t upload, only saves half the ride etc…). Us Wahooligans rarely have a problem, and that is usually our own making (forgot to charge the unit - guilty :wink: )


@triatanm Sweeeeeet! Thank you! Do you have both the TT mount for a tri bike as well as the stem / out front for a road bike?


With a nod to my multisport background, included my running tech…


  • TrainerRoad (duh! - push to Strava, TrainingPeaks, GarminConnect)
  • GoldenCheetah - (pulls Strava and TrainerRoad rides from Dropbox, used for PMC and other charts/data)
  • Strava (mostly for outdoor rides, free version only)
  • TrainingPeaks (canceled premium when the TR calendar came out)
  • Wahoo App for Elemnt Bolt, eventually Kickr
  • RideWithGPS for route planning
  • BestBikeSplit for race planning
  • GarminConnect (running, Vector pairing, social sharing with one friend)
  • Stryd (running with power for the multi-sport folks)


  • iPad Mini - runs TR with an HDMI cable to a TV for harder workouts.
  • Wahoo Elemnt Bolt
  • Garmin FR 235 (running, backup to Elemnt as needed)
  • TaoTronics 4.2 bluetooth earbuds


  • Garmin Vector 3 dual-sided pedal-based power meter
  • Wahoo Tickr HR strap
  • Stryd footpod power meter (running, paired to Forerunner, used for pace and power)
  • Wall clock - the one at the pool for timing swim intervals. :sunglasses:


  • CycleOps Fluid2 - 13 years old… hoping to upgrade to Kickr or Kickr Core shortly
  • Lasko blower fan


Yes, as all of those mounts are included with the Elemnt.
The Elemnt Bolt only comes with the stem mount, so you can get any TT bar mount for that, I made my own out of some PVC pipe, 2 cable ties and a 1/4 turn mount.