What’s your cycling tech stack?


Ok so here goes, only counting what’s currently in use.


  • TrainerRoad
  • TrainingPeaks (paid)
  • Strava (unpaid)
  • Garmin Connect
  • Mac Numbers (manual training diary)

Electronic Devices

  • Macbook Pro
  • iPhone 8
  • Edge 520


  • Garmin Fenix 3
  • Favero Assioma


Strava (paid)
Garmin Connect (becoming better than strava)
Zwift (Just cancelled but might go back in the future…need that tron bike)
Elite myETraining (free for a year with my rollers - actually seems quite good but don’t use it apart from calibration)

Garmin Edge 1000
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Amazon Fire Kids

Favero Assioma DUO
Stages (Soon to be retired)
Garmin Premium HRM strap

Elite Digital Smart Rollers
Tacx Vortex


MyFitnessPal (free)
Strava (paid)
Garmin Connect
Rouvey (Free - only for calibration/ firmware)
Wahoo Elemnt (mainly for live track)
Fitbit (just started using it to push weight from my Renpho scales to MFP and Connect)

Garmin 920xt
Wahoo Elemnt Bolt
H96+ Pro Android Box (my main TR device)
Asus Netbook
Motorola G6 Play

4iii Single Sided
Garmin Speed Sensor
Garmin Cadence Sensor
Ali Express Speed and Cadence Sensor
Garmin HRM-Run/ HRM-Tri/ HRM-Swim and an old style one that came with the 310xt

Cycleops Hammer
Cleva fan (in the post)



  • TrainerRoad
  • Trainingpeaks (premium)
  • Strava (free)
  • Lezyne GPS Root & GPS Ally v2 -> Strava -> TrainerRoad
  • Best Bike Split


  • Lezyne Super GPS
  • Windows 10 Laptop with BLE and ANT+ Dongle


  • Favero Assioma uno
  • Garmin Speed Sensor
  • Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor
  • Withings/Nokia Body+ Scale
  • Emfit Sleep Monitor


  • Elite Turbo Muin

For Running/Swimming

  • Suunto Ambit 3 Peak /w Movescount App
  • Stryd Foot Pod

Considered changes:

  • Upgrade trainer to Smart Trainer
  • Upgrade Lezyne Super GPS to Wahoo Elmnt (Bolt) to get target watts in races from Best Bike Split

The lack of running analysis tools does not allow me to abandon TrainingPeaks as my main tool.


The apps and software I use:

Trainerroad - use for the plans, workouts and the community… plus podcast
Garmin Connect - Works well for my multipart activities and data
Strava - Just to be nosey on others training and to review training against previous used training routes
HRV4 training - helps me gauge if I should training and better understand training and life effects on me. I use this plus look at what life has in stall for me on that day and week
Myfitnesspal - When I need to reduce my weight it helps me keep track and balance my food
Daily strength app - great app for strength training
Withings Body scales - To monitor weight, which links to most of the above


Trainerroad - Plans / workouts. Plus enjoy the podcast
Strava - If it’s not Strava then the ride never happened!! I like to keep up with what my mates are doing
Zwift - For entertainment. Beats look at Trainerroad’s graphs for 2 hours
Garmin Connect - Tracking my weight. Also acts as a hub for send ride workout data to other apps