What should my 6 week CTL (or 6 week average tss) be?

for me there is no One Perfect TSS / CTL that i find is tolerable. It all depends on the makeup of the TSS. E.g., TSS that consists of only aerobic hours, could be 6, 7, 800. However much time i have available, i can use it, and it’s NBD. I might not be fresh; i might not put out good power or win any races. But nothing bad is gonna happen.

Conversely, if the TSS is made up of hard intervals, it could be 400 or 500 that becomes too much, if i don’t leave enough recovery in between sessions.

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I don’t get it?

because friel wrote the training bible, which heavily uses coggin and allen’s findings

So why doesn’t Friel acknowledge it? I am so confused as to who came up with the idea first!

Are you not reading the article?
It IMMEDIATELY references TSS which is a hyperlink to Coggin’s article in the third line of the article.

CTL is roughly your daily TSS over the last 3 months and 42 day is the time constant used to calculate the exponential-weighted moving average. Full discussion: https://www.trainingpeaks.com/blog/the-science-of-the-performance-manager/. Personally I pay more attention to my ATL. When my ATL hovers in the high 90s, I am trashed or get sick.

This article?

It doesn’t say anything about ramp rate? I’ve only seen it the book.

No, the article @vladrath linked, in the post that you replied to.

I forgot about this one. Check this out…

Yes, the second link in Friel’s article leads to the article by Coogan that I posted. I still don’t understand who came up with ramp rate, though?

My money is on Coggan. Friel wasn’t that involved on the original wattage forum (or current) where the ideal initially germinated. Link from my previous post dates to 2008 but TSS, CTL, ATL, etc dates back to 2003.

Thanks for bringing intervals.icu up. This is brilliant!


What’s your TSB guys/girls when you feel really tired?

I’m in -62 after some continued days of non-stop endurance rides and feel I can still do z2 and z3 with short efforts.

Today it’s very cloudy and cold, idk if go out

TSB of -62 is quite a bit. FTP set correctly?

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That sounds like great progress to me!

I would also add this: be careful when comparing training load or chronic load. If the mix of intensity is similar between two scores, then, fine. But if you were mixing in more intensity in the one case vs a mile pile of Z2 (for example) in the other case similar training load measures will tell you a lie about the real training load your body is absorbing.

Not all training stress is created equal…

Much more than -30 then I’m a bit of a PITA to be around and my body just can’t keep up with recovery. Doesn’t matter if it’s endurance rides or a bunch of intervals. I’m no spring chicken though.

I think so, the only thing is during all december my powermeter died so I rode without power data, when new powermeter arrived my CTL went from 60 to 24 due the lack of data. I guess now my CTL and TSB may be a fake due that. I should enter manually some TSS values in Golden Cheetah I guess, but still havent found how.

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Add the Details chart under Activities. Under Tools -> Options -> Data Fields, make sure TSS is a Metric under Fields. For each Activity, enter your estimated TSS for each of the missing power rides. Not helpful but you can also specify by defining a Season with a different starting LTS (TRIMP). Lowest SB is not working. You can also try https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en#!forum/golden-cheetah-users for more answers.


Thank you so much!

Hi Sophie, I recently made a short video on how to find an appropriate TSS level and CTL/ATL/TSB ramp rate including a handy calculator see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwWvPQyTIyg&t=18m30s bw alex