What should Nate do for his 1000th TR activity?




I think he’s coming up on a thousand, correct?


Naked @Nate , sweet spot session, beer supplied by @chad for refeshment, all while riding in the background of a live podcast… Do it. :sunglasses:


Give us all a Free Month of TrainerRoad! :stuck_out_tongue:


Is this even a question? Obviously it should be Disaster


^^ What he said


He can join the pain train when we get a group together to knock that one out this fall :stuck_out_tongue:


One workout from each of the Zones. Promise we aren’t plotting to kill you, Nate. :smirk:


You trying to kill me? :smiley:


If you’re not ready for Disaster after 1,000 rides, when will you ever be ready? :grin:


After seeing your ride file earlier today from Innsbruck I was wowed … until you said that it’s only your 3rd longest indoor ride. I’m starting to think you might use Disaster as a warmup!


It’ll probably be Baxter like all other of his 999 workouts… :wink:


Someday I’ll do Baxter 1000 times!!! :smiley:


HA, thanks :smiley:
I did the 110 mile Zwift Prudential Ride London event, and that was about 5 hours and 50 mins.
Then I did the 115 mile Cervelo TT Challenge and that was 5 hours 30 mins.

Even though they were longer, the Inns ride was a higher TSS from the pace and all the climbing in comparison. They aren’t easy, but I kinda like the longer challenge rides on Zwift. I guess I’m a little off my rocker :stuck_out_tongue:


I see what you did there


Disaster while hosting the podcast hahaha :smiling_imp:


Has Nate named a child Baxter yet? I see that coming.