What Sleep Are You Getting?😴



I am definitely sleep deprived at the moment.

5 year old is an early riser.

6 week old is just about starting to develop a pattern.

I’m up 2-3 times a night for nappies and normally out of bed for the day by 6am. A few nights ago we got 5 hours without being disturbed which was amazing.


@artyhardiwick (et al. with lil kids), I remember your pain:


Trying my best to sleep well. I go to bed so I have 8.5h from when I hit my bed to when my alarm goes off, but I take very long to fall asleep. Wake about the time my alarm is due to go off.


Consider time crunch plans
Worked for me with an hour newborn


I read something the other day that I actually tried to apply back in 2008-2010 when I was actually kinda fast. Id’ like to credit the coach and quote it verbatim, but I can’t relocate the recommendation so I’ll just paraphrase:

Try to add an additional hour’s sleep for every 10 hours/week of training. So 10hrs/wk = +1 hours, 15 hrs/wk = + 1.5 hours, 20hrs/wk = +2 additional hours per night. I know it sounds simplistic, and I can’t reduce my best-ever performance at that time to any single training manipulation, but I can tell you that I seldom, if ever, got sick or injured during my higher-volume training blocks (which, for the record, never exceeded 15 hours/week).


Have you heard of the Oura ring? Might be worth looking into if you are looking for a “wear it forget about it” sleep tracker. I’ve only had mine for a week so far, but seems like it will be a great tool as it begins to collect more data. As a bonus, it also measures resting HR, HRV, body temp, and respiratory rate.


Just started up with SSB low volume again. Supporting my wife to get back into her own fitness routine too so we are taking turns.

1-1.5hrs 3 times a week seems about right given where we are with the new little one.


During the working week I get between 7-7.5hrs, sometimes only 6.5 during the summer when I train longer into the night. I need to be up at 5am for work. On weekends I don’t set an alarm to train so I sleep and wake whenever my body is ready and then go out and train. My hours on weekends doing this can vary between 8 and up to almost 12hrs if I’ve had a big training week!

I’m a solid sleeper. As soon as my head hits the pillow I’ll be asleep within 30seconds. But once I’m awake in the morning, that’s it, I need to get up!


Have kids they said - it’ll be rewarding they said
The last one is actually 445 not 545 as we crossed a Timezone for one night :upside_down_face:


About 6.5hrs for me