What sport would you do if you didn't cycle? and how did you get into cycling?


Downhill skiing. I would say that I’m still a better skier than mountain biker… maybe it’s because the cost of a mistake when mountain biking is far greater than when skiing. I love deep powder and back bowls, but we don’t get much of that here on the east coast. I wouldn’t think twice about skiing a double black diamond. I think if I did a real double black mountain bike trail I’d have to walk a few sections.

My sister and brother in law got me in to mountain biking, since there is a lot of overlap with skiing and mountain biking they thought it would make sense. It is quite common for a lot of the winter sports enthusiasts to hit the trails on their bike during the summer months.


Yeah! Backcountry skiing would be a good choice. My son is now a former FIS racer and a hell of a good freeskier now. Would love to take on some BC skiing with him. Only time, money and fitness is holding me back lol


I think for me it is permission from my wife, and finding someone who is fit enough to do it with me… :frowning: A good buddy of mine is a very skilled skier, but he took a different path to 40 than me. We’ll get in some good groomer action though.


Squash here too. Grew up a tennis player then picked up squash at around 35/40. Got to a pretty high level and won nationals for my level. Got back into cycling though so haven’t been playing. Probably should get back out for some fun.


Grew up playing soccer and running. Dropped soccer to focus on running in HS. Dropped running, Then played soccer again in adult leagues until I was about 30. Played a lot of golf for a few years in there. Played basketball quite a bit my whole life until I was about 34.

Felt like life was missing something when I was 25. Returned to running and bought a cross bike. Did my first triathlon at 27, and away we go… 15 years later. Still competing at a highish level. Bike is my favorite workout, and I love long solo or group rides in the hills and mountains since I am light and climb like a goat. Now, with another baby on the way, I’m focused on my cycling via trainerroad for the down season upcoming.

If I wasn’t cycling, I’d probably just be running. Maybe some golf… when this endurance fetish is over, I suspect golf will be it, but I’ve got a lot of legs left to go.


Surfing is awesome. A job, family and all that growing up stuff called an end to my life on the beach though. I dabbled in MTB for a few years but mainly just got stressed, old and flabby. I started running 3 years ago, got injured, bought a bike and started to swim, then Tri’s, IM, now I mainly cycle, but run & swim a bit. I want to do another IM for sure - mainly because i love the process of getting that fit.

Years ago when we weren’t surfing we’d spend all our time partying and getting stoned. Years later a few of us have discovered bikes and we now collectively face palm at the thought of all those years we could have been doing this on those flat days… Still, mid forties is still young i guess…


You can. You won’t get to the same high weight lifts, but can still do both. Use weight lifted at a specific body fat as a goal.


Basketball or Soccer, but not tall enough for the former and have 0 feet-eye coordination for the latter.

I’ve been a cycling fan for as long as I can remember. Watching the TDF with my Dad as a kid, getting up early over the summers to watch Lance. My Dad was a big cyclist as well. And when he taught me I kept falling off, and eventually decided to quit (don’t quite remember). But I guess my Mom allowed me to, being the first born and forever in a protective bubble. I never learned but always remained a fan. I was probably the only non-cyclist that knew what a peloton was. Eventually when I turned 26 I decided enough was enough. My Uncle donated his Giant TCR to me, a he said “to my cause.” He then set me up in his driveway to teach me how. Things you have to figure out as a 26 year riding a bike for the first time…how to start riding haha. Once I road up and down the driveway he threw some cones down for me to slalom. Then the next weekend I road my first 30 miles. Finished off my first “season” doing a half century. And this year my second “season” I started racing. And next year I have four races planned, buying a new bike to commute with and plan on doing cyclocross as well.

It’s never too late! It’s never too late to find a new passion!


Golf. I seem to have a knack for knocking the ball into the next state.

But a recent injury (ruptured Achilles) has put a stop on that. And racquet sports are relegated too (torn rotator cuff).

Cycling and swimming are all that’s left.


Track Sprinter. Literally both.


Surfing or Snowboarding - both of which I continue to do. They both offer an adrenaline rush, an opportunity to improve your fitness (especially surfing), and long-term skill development.

The great thing about cycling is that there is always ‘swell’ or ‘powder’, although conditions definitely vary, just not as much. The other great thing about cycling is the very low recurring cost and lack of travel time to the ‘waves’.