What to do in FREEtime

I clearly have a vested interest, but you could always dig into reading this


probably the best worst advice out there!

I’m in a similar position to you. Single working professional… no family to take up my time. The “free” time really can get in your head space in a negative way. I also tried video games and TV, but just don’t care for it a whole lot.

I have taken up reading again, and love it. I do read some cycling/sports related content, but usually just a chapter here and there before bed. My main vice is fantasy audiobooks. Love just relaxing and getting lost in the story. I’ll go on walks just to listen to an audiobook, or even just lay down and relax the ole eyes.

Favorite author at the moment is Brandon Sanderson.

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What is this “Free Time” you speak of?


I can’t believe this is the TR forum

Definitly Rocker Plates for Trainers should have referenced in this thread. Craft for bikes!

oh. building and maintaining fishtank(s) is also fun thing to do. Get the substrate, make filtration system, put right amount of light for aquatic plants, place beautiful fishes, etc. Once you bring all things to right place, just looking at it will eat lots of your time.

If you plan to have kids, those free time will then be your distant memory of joy… Hope you enjoy your free time :slight_smile:

Trade currencies, cryptos, stocks, futures…

It’s similar to the bike, you have fun, become addicted and waste a lot of money!

Random hobby I just took up: Miniature painting. I have kids and they like role-playing and wargames, so it’s a good fit there (they get stuff to play with, I get to relax by painting). I find it a great activity after working on a computer screen all day, then using my last of my mental energy to spend quality time with the kids before they go to sleep.


I really enjoyed watching “Bojack Horseman” on Netflix. I was a big fan of Aaron Paul after “Breaking Bad”, and liked Bojack even more. It is definitely not your average TV show.
Books and visiting musuems are good pastimes. Concerts too if you have a local music venue.