What to do on on a hotel gym bike?

Oh man! You just got me in trouble for waking up my wife from laughing so hard at this one. Truly amazing :clap:t2:


I likewise use Vector 3, I’ve posted about it previously. So, I’m going to claim that I convinced Nate of it too.

I found a 6” crescent wrench works really well. Mine has a good thickness to the handle and allows me to crank pretty hard for those rusted on gym pedals. However, even being a full inch short, my bag still will get pulled for inspection pretty regularly, where they would take out the wrench and measure it, — because that one more inch would allow terrorists to… ??— What I’ve found as a solution for this is to put the wrench by itself in the dog bowls. Usually, the screener will just take a quick look and let it through, which beats getting my bag pulled and dug through to get the wrench out.

Also, re: planning/scheduling workouts. I travel ~45 weeks a year M-Th. What I’ve done is to flip-flop the usual plan of M-W on, Th off, F-Sa on, Sun-off and made my rest days M and Th, which are also my travel days. I agree with the ventilation limitation, most of the time I just try to do as much as I can at 100% and when the heat gets to me I’ll start cutting back in 5% intervals and just sweat away. At least when you strut through the gym, people know you’ve been working.

Two questions back to the group regarding this:

What do you do about lube? I hate putting my shiny clean Vectors into that rusty, crud filled hole. The best solution I’ve come up with is to clean my pedals and put on fresh grease each weekend at home and pray that the gunk doesn’t screw them up through the usual

What about power (electric juice kind, not watt bomb kind)? I’ve noticed my Vectors eat batteries. The spindle doesn’t have to move relative to the platform (effectively the spindle turning as if it were cranking on a bike) for the pedals to turn on. They turn on simply by being jostled. This means that plane rides and moving through the airport and so forth leaves my pedals most of this time. I attempted to unscrew the battery casing slightly to disengage the battery, but the threads aren’t very deep and by the time the battery housing disengages from the pedal, the housing falls out. I don’t want to take the batteries out constantly. Does anyone have solutions for this?

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I think I would use anything eg elliptical, treadmill, running outside before resorting to a recumbent. Can you even get your heart rate up on one of those things?

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I don’t run, so the hotel recimbant bike is good enough. I can work very hard on it. It is not comfortable.

One-up on that - go straight into the shower with your workout clothes. Use the hotel shower gel while you still wear your dirty stuff. Get it off, rinse it in the shower, then go on with your business; do the towel thing afterwards, hang, and re-use the next day.

It’s a DCR trick - I didn’t invent it, but I sure use it a lot.


Yes!!! I want to figure out how to make the saddle more comfortable. OUCH!!!

This is exactly what I’m looking for. Had to check my carryon today because TSA didn’t like my 10in pedal wrench (hasn’t happened before but yeah it is over 7 inches.).

Wonder if there is a folding one.

I have a pedal wrench in my muli-tool but it doesn’t provide enough leverage for pedals that are really stuck on.

I was on a cruise two weeks ago and was also on a recovery week. My plan was to just ride three mornings for 45 minutes using the HR on my garmin watch and just keep it zone 2. I was able to grab a decent spinbike with a great ocean view for 2 of the three mornings. It worked OK but my biggest problem is I sweated like a pig without a fan, especially with the humidity and the fact it was 80 in the ship’s fitness center.

Do the outdoor version of your workout and go off of rpe on your watch or head unit.

I think the problem with that suggestion is that most of us have no idea how to ride to RPE in a closed environment without adequate cooling (or any cooling, actually). Same goes for HR. :confused:

Yeah, hotel bikes are not ideal. But if it’s a choice between no workout, or a workout using RPE where I may be a 5-10% off on my zones, I’ll do the workout.


I reckon don’t overthink it. I used to take my phone and a roll of sellotape in the gym, stick the phone to the screen and run a sufferfest workout or watch a crit or something. Dial up the resistance, dial it down, go as hard as you want for as long as you want.

I used to have an hour’s workout and leave a puddle on the floor under me and get horrified looks from other users who were just pootling along at 50W.
I got a good workout. Better than nothing anyway. I did all my real training when i was back home on the trainer with power and Trainerroad.


It’s still going to be a 100% better workout trying to work off of rpe than just clowning around free spinning.

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7’ is supposed to be the length limit. my pedal wrench says 15mm; I bought a smaller wrench at Home depot. It worked on most bikes, but I found one where it didn’t work.

I am bringing a few dabs of grease folded up in saran wrap. I apply it to my pedals and then the hotel pedals when I put them back on.

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Answering the OP’s question, I’ve found even if the hotel bike is pretty basic and I don’t have power pedals, then I can still get a reasonable workout.

I take my HR monitor and aim to do a 45 minute session of full gas intervals of around 25 to 30 seconds interspersed with 4 to 5 minute easy pedalling in roughly L2. I take my Wahoo head unit with me to allow upload to Strava / TR etc.

This type of workout seems to ‘maintain’ fitness reasonably well, is short enough to be convenient and is different enough from what I usually do to provide a decent stimulus. Also by nature it doesn’t require a power meter or other accurate measuring device on the bike - resistance is either easy or full gas difficult.

See below screen shot from Strava of the last one of these I did last weekend at a hotel in Norway - not sure what make of bike it is:

It should also be pretty easy for a marginally experienced rider to do 2x20 at tempo or SS using just RPE or HR.

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