What workout did you do today? (2020)

Tallac -1 was up for today. Challenging but completely doable. I think this one was made harder by my gearing, I had to choose between either too slow cadence or slightly too fast.


“Train Kept A-Rollin” on this chill Friday afternoon ride as I kept rolling thru :vertical_traffic_light: after :vertical_traffic_light: after :vertical_traffic_light:. Rock on :metal: and happy Valentine’s Day :heart::rose:


Rough week this week. My worst day at work in a long time led to me skipping a workout altogether for the first time this season on Wednesday. So two days off, then this brute… just couldn’t rebound fast enough for that third interval, and the hard starts just brutalize the legs.

Still. proud of the mental fight to do some work after blowing up and then to rebound to give the fourth interval a go. Not perfect by any means, but got some solid work in.


So much for that idea.
Ride in jeans & t-shirt to the city (~8km - awful headwind, nice tailwind on the return) for ‘supplies’ (Paraffin wax & instant coffee #FakeCoffeeFakeCyclist)… and forgot to get printer ink for daughter (realised on the ride home).
Daughter still asleep on my return.
Realised I had time to walk into next suburb and get the ink, so did that (and a couple of things from supermarket).
Daughter still asleep.

Polar watch says I’ve done 348% of my daily activity goal. Currently 5:50pm (not eaten since 3am yesterday morning… ‘nursing’ the dental wound).

Ride into the city

Walking/shopping in city

Ride home

Round trip for printer ink


Erg mode still making it harder than it needs to be, but an okay session.


Eclipse for me this morning.

With a reward after…(whole wheat though)


Mary Austin-3

I forgot how much threshold work right after an ftp bump sucks. Survived 2 minutes at a time and reminding myself raising my threshold is everything right now (so that when I get to the end of a race I have some gas left)


Hard after FTP bump but survived though I had to chop one interval off as its our eldest daughters birthday party today. :crazy_face::grinning:


I feel that same pain - after an FTP bump. :+1:t2:


… but it’s the banana that makes it inedible… tainted, even :stuck_out_tongue:
#SchoolboyTrauma #ForcefedByEvilNuns

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Did Eclipse today, surprisingly manageable after failing Palisade yesterday. Oddly enough the middle 20min was the hardest… :thinking:


Back to Build after 5 easy days recovering properly (beer, wine and all pizza counts ok).

I knocked the intensity down to 99% as the first few post-interval summaries were showing me slightly under target even when fairly fresh. I felt a bit deflated as the trend continued throughout as I continued to destroy myself!

Looking at the aftermath however, I over-shot the target watts on 80+ of the 99 micro bursts. The numbers at the end would’ve been much more motivating mid-workout! At least I know for next time micro bursts are on the menu.


Was planning to do a crit but it was cancelled cos of storm Dennis. Skipped a few sprints but got most done


Looking on strava I can see a lot of indoor workouts today thanks to Dennis


Monitor+4 today - have been combing the workout library for SS sessions I haven’t done as I don’t feel really ill but have had a head cold/sore throat all week (but resting HR is ok!) so even though I am supposed to be in build I don’t fancy killing myself at 108% FTP. Oddly I’m rarely ill but this year and last it was when I started doing sessions like Wilhelm/Red Lake that I came down with a virus…mind you it could be that both times that was February which really is virus season if you teach in the UK! Still today felt pretty easy as I had yesterday off - 2 hours SS tomorrow as we have another named storm (Dennis!!) blowing everything around here so no group ride…then maybe some VO2/super threshold stuff next week as I’m on half term holiday! :grin:



Nice about-face from Lamarck the other day: got on the trainer pretty sure I could crush it. I did skip the out-of-saddle drills at the end because they’re hard and I’m chicken, but this was otherwise entirely reasonable.

That’s SSB2MV wrapped! Pretty excited for recovery week, it’s gonna feel like vacation.


Black Hawk +2 - another over threshold workout this week and definitely the hardest. I had to broke last interval into two parts and back pedal for 15s near the end of the third one. Really nice TiZ. Note to myself - I should progress to 10 min at 105÷ not go at once.


Spruce Knob for me. Went +2 for the added endurance, and ended up adding a bit more due to getting to the end of the second episode of Narco’s Mexico Season 2! Skipped all the drills, as I was concentrating on the subtitles. :slightly_smiling_face:


Palisade this morning. End of SSB1LV. Felt strong and bumped up last two intervals to 103%. I can sense an FTP bump coming on my next assessment (I’m going to do both the ramp test and hour record for comparison)


Today was a hard but still a doable workout. Actually, I found out some masochist from myself since was enjoying this workout. Workout was Carpathian Peak +2.