What workout did you do today?


Hi all,

Thought this thread may be a good way to help those of us that may be lacking motivation and need the kick of seeing others completing workouts to go get on that trainer and start pedalling :slight_smile:

Today, i completed Antelope - that final 10 minute 90% FTP interval really started to bite at about 5 minutes in!

So, what did you do today?


I met Virginia today.


@Chris_Giovagnoni She must get around a bit. I met her too😜


Well, her hair IS always a mess.


Pettit +1 today because Pendleton is on tap tomorrow


Cool thread. I did brasstown while watching a bit of Kona replay.


Monitor. Actually felt good after dying a little bit during Eclipse yesterday.


Brasstown for me as well


Donner today, Clark is up tomorrow


I’m doing Clark tomorrow too; did Donner yesterday – what plan you on?


SSBII, “Low volume” but I’ll add in something else on a Wednesday like the mid volume plan. I don’t do both weekend rides though since Sunday is runday.


McAdie. Not a big fan of over-unders right now :rofl:


Same plan - T/Thr/Sat (+ W/Su extra rides).
Good luck to us! :+1:


I’ve got this one to do today. I’m not looking forward to it as it’s similar to Tunemah and that wasn’t pleasant!


I’ll be doing Boarstone in few hours time :blush:


Ditto. Early ride for me today as a busy day planned.

Brutal. I grew a little today by pushing through it. At each interval I thought I was done. Really did




Well… how was it?


It was fine, tough in places but got through ok. Double the time for the full version will definitely be a challenge though.


Yes for sure :+1: