What workout did you do today?


Sassafrass and it was wonderfully awful


Yeah, i think you’re right - they both look roughly the same actually.

Thanks very much bud :slight_smile:

I couldn’t imagine doing 190+ BPM. Mine got to 188 during a ramp test and i thought i was about to explode. All individual though i guess. I’ve seen some people go over 200 and stay there for a while :thinking:


HR are highly individual. Since the ramp test ramps up so fast, I have hit higher HR during the 8 min test, which is still in the low 170’s. I don’t hit super high HR on my setup inside, but my average for working sets does seem to correlate to my outside HR. During threshold workouts I expect to be in the low to mid 160’s during the later intervals.


Galena for me tonight.

Legs are cooked now!


Stromlo +6

First threshold workout of my build phase - felt pretty empty by the end of the fifth interval



Definitely have some improved power cuz threshold workouts now feel like sweet spot workouts used to.

4 more to go in SSB2…


Did Geiger this morning. It felt worse than it should have, but I think that’s due to a lack of sleep. Almost convinced myself to stay in bed!


Mount Field for me


Carter for me this morning.

Stomps are now my new favourite thing!


Darwin for me today, pushed it a little bit harder on the last two sets, still didn’t have me getting to thrHR, but just below it which is where I have historically been in previous iterations of SSBII. I also doubt I’m going to retest for each block after hearing the Tony weeks interview. I personally know roughly how much FTP I gain if I successfully complete the last two weeks of SSBII (10 watts) so I am just planning on replacing my ramp with a sweet spot workout to test how the new set FTP feels.


Geiger for me as well…legs were a little worn down after Warlow yesterday, but it wasn’t so bad. I’m getting better at getting up a few minutes earlier to have an espresso and a banana before the session - I think that helps.


To follow up with my “X gonna give it to ya” I created “talk is cheap”


I’m going to have to add this to the wishlist


failed at Dade +2. those 2min intervals at 120% are absolutely brutal.


You hit those first V02s in SSB2 with the new FTP and it’s a bit of a shock!


McAdie +1. Seriously struggled with the first three intervals. I was in the small ring and possibly too high up the cassette? Skipped half of the third interval and swapped to the big ring for the 4th. What do you know, I was able to crush it…


Survived Palisade, I think my heart rate monitor had a harder time keeping up in the last interval than my legs. No way my heart rate was that low during that interval.


Lazy Mountail -1 for me tonight.

It was fantastic, 10/10


Koip. With about 45 minutes left to go I could smell the sweet potatoes I’d put in the oven to bake while I rode and then all I could think about was food.


1x Hard 55min hill run at lunch

1x 1400m swim after work followed by

~20mins light weights, 12x

Chest press
Leg press
Low row
Lateral pull downs
Shoulder press

First time I’ve touched weights in years. Felt very awkward and out of place!