What workout did you do today?


Today I survived Pendleton.


Just curious if anyone else has experienced this type of workout being significantly harder in easier gearing (small ring up front) vs bigger gearing (big ring up front)? I am not going to say it was a night and day difference but it was definitely noticeable. I was able to hold almost a positive 10 RPM difference when I swapped to the big ring for the final 12 minute over/under.


How’d you get that split screen zoom?


That’s portrait mode on a phone.


McAdie +1 this morning, managed to finish on target, although the last interval felt really tough.

Galena tomorrow, and then the recovery week. :+1:


McAdie +1


Coming up this morning, Leconte.

Yeah, 1.5 hrs of over-unders – my most hated – is just what I need after a crappy sleep. :tired_face:

Lecrashandburn is more like it.


A double header of sorts today.

Kicked the morning off with taku

Followed by the prescribed Warlow workout.

It’s a while since I’ve done over unders and the last two sets were a real mental battle. Having an erg trainer again also gave no escape except to quit… And quitting gets me nowhere :slight_smile:


Baxter for me today.


Just got destroyed by Reinstein… felt like I was gonna vomit at the end of final interval - so guess my FTP is about right.


Warlow as well this morning - definitely more of a mental game. The 4th set was a struggle.


Palisade - out of the saddle drills in the fourth set? Come on @chad that’s pretty cruel


Yeah…thanks for that, Coach Chad.

Can’t be sure, but I think I saw CC sneak into my pain cave during the last interval and whack my quads with a rusty old bike pump. I can’t be sure it was him because of all the sweat and stars filling my eyes.

98% TSS/IF and THREE! back pedal breaks in the last 5min chunk.

I’ll definitely be contributing to the What Beer are you enjoying? thread later today.


On the same boat here. I have to laugh at the standing instructions during the ride, but I did get in to the drops during the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th set (I like to change hand positions at each mini interval during the main set)

Officially now in to no man’s land for me, making some all time power PR’s in this block.



Recovery week but fancied a little tempo…

Bladder trolling me again, twice :roll_eyes:


McAdie +1 super early for a Saturday (as I had to go out), fasted and after heavy deadlifts and front squats the night before so I was super pleased to even get through it!


I find it’s easier to hit the power target in the big ring compared to the small up front but I have a gen 1 kickr and it’s so loud in the big ring!!


Wow, no way I could have done that fasted and at that time of the morning. Hats off to you!


:+1:t2::+1:t2: Are you on SSBMVI? If so we’re in the same place :wave:


I almost didn’t :joy: look at the state of the last set :joy: