What workout did you do today?


I’m not convinced that’s the case either. To be clear, I’m neither defending nor espousing the lower cadence route. I’m exploring it under the premise we’re not running 138mi (112mi bike in a ‘running position’ + marathon… as in we’re told the tri position is to use our legs like runners, or at least that’s what I heard at the turn of the century in my first tri career) but cycling and then running.

Is this Jan Ulrich v Lance Armstrong? If you need to lift 100 lbs, would you prefer to do it in one go, or lift 50 lbs twice, or 25 lbs four times, or 10 lbs ten times? That’s what I used to explain to runners when I coached for higher cadence running, but that’s a weight-bearing activity, but are / aren’t the same principles applicable to the bike? Am I now arguing against myself?

On the knees, no hint of stress. Don’t know if that’s from ultramarathons (3 of 8 events last year were ultras, and 4 of 5 the year before) that are often time on feet slogfests or what.


Pre-ramp test prep for me today. Extremely late though but had to put the kids to sleep before the workout. Tomorrow is going to be tough as always…


It’s the same as in running, but different as well. In running, you have the non-productive up-down motion that comes with lower cadences, which does not apply in cycling; but the theory is that at a given power, faster cadence means lower forces, and less stress on muscular endurance, more on cardio endurance. The latter being more trainable than the former. In general higher cadences on a bike will result in higher HR (at a given power output).


Bashful +2… almost broke me after two nights of bad sleep thanks to baby girl. Almost. Felt as buried after this as I can remember on the bike, and also felt accomplished getting through it under the circumstances. Love it.


Just finished Spruce Knob. Did the intervals with low cadence. Really noticed a difference once I got below 60rpm, felt a lot easier in the 60s than it did just a bit lower. Ride overall felt good, fairly easy. Knees felt fine throughout, which I tried to pay attention to.

I failed yesterday’s workout, was quite happy how good this workout felt in comparison.


Somewhat easy, did the drills in reverse so instead of upping cadence with lower watts I treated it as a fixed gear ride. Only varied between 96-102


Dragon -2 this morning.

Usually I love this type of session but today I just couldn’t get my head in the game. I hit almost all of the numbers but something else was missing. Going to give myself a timeout I think.


Taylor -2 as first proper training ride after being sick, off the bike and on antibiotics for a week, thought I was going to fail, made it all the way through. So happy to be back training!!! :biking_man::biking_man::biking_man::biking_man::biking_man::biking_man::biking_man::biking_man::biking_man:


Did a ramp test to verify my manually adjusted FTP. I tried to do it blind this time, and met the wattage roof of the Flux two times. The first time i identified it and changed gear. The second time I was so close to finished that I did not, and instead of getting time in the last step i did a long time at a step to low before my legs caved in. I bit disapointed of the result at 243W, but after closer inspection my best minute was at 324W, and I had over 2 minutes at that level, 2.14 at 323W image
I assume that if the trainer had given me the step I would have lasted at least for half a minute at that next level 340, so ((325+340)/2)*0,75=249,37. I will keep FTP at 250W.


This week is the start of SSBMV2 for me.
I’m taking a step up from low volume as I wanted to ease myself into training after the end of CX season.
Ramp test saw a bit of a bump but still not where it was mid November, although I’ve lost at least a couple of kilos so I’m happy with progress at the moment.


That’s odd, isn’t it? I would have expected the ramp test to intervene once you started to fail to comply on that penultimate step. I would think if it has calculated FTP based on everything up to the sharp dropoff to zero then it would be lower than expected.


The Ramp test calculates FTP by best minute x 0,75, not last minute. I assume I was just within range for it to still think I had something more to give. I am quite annoyed by the narrow power band in the Flux in Erg-mode. As it is making funny noises I will take it back to where I bought it in the next easy-period in trainerroad plan. Maybe I can return it for Flux 2.


Did my first qualifying brevet (200 km) for Paris-Brest-Paris on Saturday. It was colder than a bucket of penguin shit.

Front derailleur split into two pieces … and it was a hilly, hilly ride. Not optimal.


Baird + 6 was scheduled for this morning. I think this is the first time I have done 90second 120% repeats. Really blew my lungs out and after the weekends fatigue accumulation my legs were pretty fried.

My dinner the night before was not substantial enough, so had a bowl of porridge to top up. Felt really under carb’d in the morning though.

I felt the combination of all this lead to a fairly unsuccessful workout in terms of hitting the numbers. I tried to plow on and hit something close.


Ericsson, SSBLV1 week 3. My FTP is so low that the trainer hits a floor during the high-cadence intervals. Just went with it on the last one instead of downshifting. This sweet-spot stuff is starting to feel, uh, good?


wouldn’t said bucket be warm from the insides of the said animal? And wouldn’t said bucket perhaps retain some heat in the core from said warmth and likely bacterial activity? :thinking:

Regardless, congratulations!



I guess we could say “colder than the frost on a champagne glass” or “colder than the hairs on a polar bear’s a…”


I’m confused also. How are you hitting any limits on the Flux at 324W?


The limits are dependant on gearing.
I was to easy geared, so my (possibly faulty) Flux wasnt able to lift power as it is supposed to. At around 250 W it happened the first time, and then I clicked two gears heavier. Since doing the test “blind” I did not catch it the second time.
I have to start in the easy gear (36-28) so the flux can give me low enough watts. I find the power band on my Flux to be annoyingly narrow


I remember that too. I could never get low enough watts in the breaks between intervals and in the cooldown without shifting. That didn’t matter to me so much, but I can see how it would be annoying during a ramp test.