What workout did you do today?



My fast twitch fibers cry out for sprints at the of these rides too!


Baird +2 man, that is no fun. Started in a fasted state @ 4:15 this morning. Took in some weak Tailwind after the warm-up was complete. Made it through, but turned it down 4% for the last set.


I’ve got Pierce lined up in an hour


Shortoff +4 not too bad! Hopefully this means I’m due a nice FTP bump to start specialty- had some setbacks in first part of build phase


Mills +3 today (week 2 sustained HV). Really solid, first time doing any vo2 since Dec, and this might be one of the friendliest ways to get back into it since the 2min intervals start with 45sec-1min of 120% before descending to 110%. No cracking for me! Also, kind of nuts that I’m doing 354w for a minute, I still can’t fully fathom being able to do that for 3, but we’ll get there!


Mixed bag today.

Swim 1700m (Watch couldn’t count today) - wasn’t feeling good and started coughing so I cut it short and took a break and some food. 100s were good at a moderate effort 1:42-1:50/100.

Bike, Pettit - felt harder than it should, possible right leg issue developing. Took a few 30s breaks.

Run, Dreadmill/Zwift 31min RPE5 - Wasn’t sure about starting this, but ironically after 25mins awkwardness I felt like I could run another hour! :sweat_smile:


Pool: 2k instead of 2.8k. Trying out a different pool: less crowded, more training than “fitness” oriented and 50m instead of 25m. it closes an hour earlier in the morning though, so I have to get up earlier :frowning:

Shortoff +1 as first VO2max of HIM Build. I wanted to bail before the 5th and big time before the 6th interval. Told myself to just start the interval and hang on for as long as I could go, and made it through. Excellent mental training.


Was going to run today, but I aborted due to a high wind warning. So, I did Petit and watched some TV (Season 2 of Madame Secretary). Tomorrow is Hunter and I’m still trying to figure out when that’ll happen.


Ramp Test after SSB LV1. FTP increased from 141 to 165 Watts (if my Kickr is to be believed)


Spencer +2 …legs of fire :fire: backed it down 10 and smashed through :sweat:


Pierce -> but only got 3 out of the 6 intervals done. :disappointed_relieved:


Taylor -2 followed by Dans. Taylor wasn’t as bad as expected.


I died today. I’ve never had that feeling of “I’m not going to make” on the first interval! Today was it. I convinced myself that I get better as the intervals go on, but it just wasn’t true today. This is my first ever trainer workout that has earned a 10/10 RPE. I was hanging on for dear life my minute 3 of each interval. My cadence dropped to about 90 on the overs and I just couldn’t recover. Somehow, somehow I finished.


I gave my soul away last night. a big mental fight. 15 minutes of over-under intervals but you feel so strong after the workout. Interestingly, I rode at 175bpm whole last interval and did not feel any pain. I guess it was the time my soul was leaving my body :slight_smile:


Another tough one for me. Cadence was slipping down and by the fourth interval i found myself in the sixties…no way the legs were going to manage doing another interval at low cadence, so bailed with that one, reduce intensity and got through to the end of it… regrouped, set a 90 cadence for final interval and managed to get through to end with much suffering… maybe also a bit of penultimate interval mental thing, always find that one the hardest… did some more low cadence stuff at the end, grinding might be the way ahead for me!


brasstown, 90min endurance, feeling great


Made time this afternoon (by starting the day earlier) for a 2hr ride (3:15-5:15). Made the 8th grader his dinner and now it’s 6p and I’m going with the 5th grader to pool for her workout and mine. Hopefully, the pool isn’t (too) crowded… though it may not matter. I’m a bit tired. Soon the outdoor 50m pool will open up…


Like the camouflage :wink:


I’m always slightly worried when I do out of saddle efforts that my bike shoots out of turbo. :flushed:


Baird+6, At 5:30AM, coming off leg strength day yesterday and first workout at new FTP (up 5%) Didn’t die so Ill take it!!