What workout did you do today?


1700m swim this morning, Tunnabora this afternoon and team building tonight in the form of SCBA floor hockey.


First good ramp test in a couple months, the December and January tests were #fail because vo2 power (from ramp) was only 5W above ftp (manual, from threshold workouts). WTF? Decided to fix problem with some vo2max work over last month, and it worked. :+1:

The FTP Challenge

Just finished Bashful +6. Went very well, felt strong after the first interval. Decided to make the 2nd interval harder. Thought about raising power, but decided to switch to resistance mode, and simply make the intervals longer instead. Added 10 seconds to each interval, which of course made the recovery that much shorter. That was hard.

I think I really felt the shorter recovery even more than the longer interval itself. Just about blew up after I finished that set. Stepped off the bike for a minute or two, and resumed riding. I was still plenty tired as the last set started, did those without any modifications, and they felt plenty hard.


Been happy with the outcome of the SS workouts so far. They’ve been tough but manageable. Dare I say … easy? Either way, first VO2 workout this weekend in the form of Warlow. Bring it on!


Total change of pace for me today. I was getting VO2 maxed out!

Did a lower cadence ss session and loved it. The climbing drills were a welcome challenge too.


Carson ftw


Fasted run this morning. Yesterday was 2hr Hunter, followed by a recovery drink, made dinner for the son then at the pool with the daughter 60min after dismounting the bike, then 2850m of hard swimming (Main: 11x200m pull on 15s rest, averaged 2:55; 5x50m sprints on :55, averaged :37), followed by two recovery drinks then sleep. This morning was a short pre-dawn trail run with the dog and 15x30" pickups (not sprints). I think this qualifies as a “fasted” run…


@Scheherazade. I think this tops the pool rage charts, although it was just outside the pool…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Driver reversed up a down ramp into my car at the gym car park as I arrived. She admitted she didn’t even look before reversing. I saw her age and walking stick, swallowed my frustrations, smiled and said “These things happen, it’s not like it’s a classic Porsche or anything…oh wait!” :disappointed_relieved:

Still, nothing gets in the way of a set…2100m 100s @CSS :smile::sleepy:


Goddard on Tuesday and Mount Field on Thursday. (Also did hill repeat run on Tuesday and easy run Wed with another easy run planned for Thurs evening).

Both workouts felt pretty easy (although it is week 1 of SSB1 LV). Might bump FTP back up if next week also feels too easy


Carson. As a completely-untrained non-athlete, I find the out-of-the-saddle stuff baffling.


Did Bashful +6. Switched to Powermatch during the last interval and felt so hard.


First time going through build. This one was something! :slight_smile:

Junction -1


Half marathon in two loops 21km +170m 2h05
350ml of Powerade at halfway.

Started too fast, ended averaging the target pace but a bit knackered. HR quite high, around 155-160 instead of the expected 135-149.

Not sure I could do another 21km in six weeks…:face_with_monocle:


Sure you can. Take it easy this week and you’ll bounce back faster than you realise.


True that. I find that I hit the top limit relatively easily, and the bottom limit is high - so gear changes have to be used accordingly.


I realise I may not have been clear…I meant another 21km on top of the first, in other words a marathon…rather than just another 21km run :slight_smile:

Either way, thanks for the positive vibes!


Ericsson -4 Tuesday, and Ebbetts this morning. First workouts with new slightly higher FTP - felt good, not easy, but no near-death experiences. I liked the Ebbetts short pushes, it makes the 8 minutes 90-95% intervals fly by. Watching last year’s Omloop Het Nieuwsblad helped - hitting a spike interval during one of the climbs is quite effective.


Okay, that sucks. I assume she was going slowly enough that any damage was minor? And well done on controlling your emotions and not letting the red mist descend :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::exploding_head:


Awaiting costs, OEM parts will be super expensive if needed…good job the pool lanes were clear though. Today would not have been a good day for cutting in on my turns :joy:


@bbarrera Nice work. I did mine on Monday and we were almost “twins” :slight_smile: