What workout did you do today?


Well done!

Remind me to never race you.


Yep, I am.


Petit -1 with a 10% drop in intensity.

I’ve always been guilty of skipping recovery rides. After listening to @chad talk about the benefits and what can be gained from them in the last podcast, I felt guilty and opted for an easy spin to round out the week!


Antelope+2 for me last night… 5 x 10 at 94% but I ended up drifting up towards 96-104% with an RPE i’d associate with lower sweetspot, so that can only mean one thing (I hope!) - TR works and I have seen an FTP boost through these 5 weeks of SSB1!

Now to find out if I will pay for my over-excitement in the last interval (oops) last night, by attempting Eclipse today ( 3 x 20 SS )…


Eclipse, done. Not bad on the legs. Not bad on the lungs. Torture on the mind.


Hoping it’s just the battery failing, but couldn’t ride as the power meter isn’t working. Swapped in what we think is a new one, but still nothing…


Finished Petit today, after Palisade on Friday a two hour outdoor ride yesterday and gym work in the morning I wouldn’t have been able to complete a more intense workout I think.


Not a workout but a 5k charity run in Newcastle.


Round bald +3 - harder than I thought it would be but mostly mentally challenging to do 4 20 minute intervals


galena today, looking forward to that recovery week next week! Almost through SSBMVI!!


Sunday run time, nice and steady pace with minimal HR drift

as some others have said that TSS overvalues easier efforts. Looks like the strava hr based suffer score really scores easy efforts pretty low. which says this is a 34, running pace TSS would be about an 86 or 87


Had a solid Glassy ride to end out the weekend, now to chill out and kick back.



2.25hr @70% FTP

Lots of belly breathing practice.


Mary Austin - nearly broke me today. Had to do a ten sec. backpedal on the last three intervals to get through, and that after having dropped the intensity 3% after the first set of two intervals. First time having done Mary Austin and 60min total of threshold riding was a bit more difficult than I was expecting. Got through it though and now have a recovery week before moving to some SS base.

It was nice of coach Chad to leave it until the end of the workout to announce that it’s one of the hardest in the library😜


Me too! It wasn’t terrible for me, I came into it really rested and fueled. I’m also pretty new so I think my ftp has sneaked up. New ftp test Tuesday.


Pettit for me tonight.

Find these easier ones harder as my mind has more time to wander and there’s no specific things to work towards


Second week of maximal intervals…I still can’t time the shifting and spinning up right to hit the interval! Still it meant that the sixth and last was the most powerful :slight_smile:


Great. I have this ride next weekend. Kinda makes me wanna just stay at work until Monday.

He said the exact same thing about Leconte – the workout that almost killed me!
Leconte – threshold session.
Mary Austin – threshold session.
I’m sensing a trend in the “hardest in the library” label.
I love how my biggest weakness magically aligns with the hardest workouts. Awesome.


Haha @Captain_Doughnutman my thoughts exactly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I did Bald Knob this morning, first time doing an TR exercise in the morning.

I already had respect for the people who do all their TR exercises in the morning but that respect has grown larger as I cannot see myself doing over/unders that early.