What workout did you do today?


Doing a little more vo2 work before starting short power build. Decided to try 30/15s… Brasted.

Lost control on 2nd set at 100rpm, stopped set and gave myself another 3 min recovery. Got a little farther on 3rd set and lost control. Stop and move on to recovery. Back to 30/30s and longer for awhile.


Twins? Hope you didn’t fail ramps in Dec and Jan too! :crazy_face:


Did my first Vo2 session after months of mainly zone 2 riding.

Cycling life is hard at the moment!



WEll, I didn’t do as well as I Hoped! Ive only been doing structured training for a year and Im almost 50 and on top of that my fall and winter have been very inconsistent with knee issues, colds and work. This Monday I actually felt “good” on the ramp test which is wild b/c I didnt train the week before due to a nasty cold


This guy here made meatloaf for dinner. The spice mix opened it’s pouring opening as i was using the ‘shaker’ opening. After removing a 3" ramekin full of spices i thought i’d removed enough. Turned out i hadn’t. Meatloaf was salty as fak but out of pride i tried to have some.

After failing that, i drank a whole lot of water as i was gonna workout 2-3 hours later.

Fast forward to workout, i forget my water bottle, wifey is gone to kickboxing workout and i’m used to doing these 1-hour workouts without water. 10 minutes in i was regretting it. Dry mouth from after workout till when i got a dehydrated calf seize on me (in a cramp).

Lesson learned, just bring the gaddam bottle. Oh and the workout was dade -1


@dprofis I’ve been living your story! Finally figured out the knee issues, spending more time on fixing posterior chain / glutes so that I can kick ass into my 60s and beyond!


Difficult morning!


@bbarrera Awesome I guess you are. I’m with you there, been trying to do deadlifts, glute bridges, Single leg DLs, BSS etc. I started running last year and that really exposed my decades of sitting on my @ss 8+ hrs a day

I’ll keep an eye on your training here :slight_smile: I hope you continue to get stronger. If you’re on Strava say hi, my name is Dean Profis


Shasta last night as soon as I got back from a work trip. Decided to do it on tri bike in aero which was tough for the sprints but satisfying. Recently FTP tested on tri bike in aero and tested at my previous FTP on the roadbike on hoods, so I’m pleased.


Kosciuszko +4 today (8x5 @ 108%), 40mins of suffer lol


thought i’d try this.


@richk So that was an hr at FTP? How did you feel? Im guessing your Max HR was an issue with your HR monitor! :hot_face: Our did you max at 238 and then die just after 1/2 hr although you continued to pedal!


I have found my TickR to be really finicky lately. It’ll connect, but not read my heart rate at all. I have to pull it away from my chest for about 10 - 15 seconds, then it’ll give a really high output, then correct itself after a couple of minutes. I changed the battery recently, but I’m still not sure what’s going on.


A bit time constrained this evening did this little leg sapper :flushed:


Haha, no worries my response would be the same…of course you can! Just keep the running consistent and you’ll get there.


Hot dang threshold above FTP looks intense


Ouch - it’s 7 mins @ 105%, 5 @ 108%, 3 @ 115%, and 2 @ 121%…


This could be turned into something really good with Workout Creator! :+1:


Almost puked after the standing starts but made it through another track night yesterday.
Had to bail on today’s turbo session, strangely it’s my arms which feel worst.


Had a Dr. appt yesterday which required a period of fasting…ended up being about 14hrs w/o food. Well, I had to scarf down a couple doughnuts and whole milk around the 10hr mark…doctor’s orders – seriously!

I then went home and tried to do this:

Good golly. Couldn’t even make it past a single O/U! It was nasty.
Zero carbs = zero power. True story.

Same fasting deal today and I’ve got Shortoff +2 on the sched…highly doubt that will happen.

Quality rides being wasted!! :angry::angry::angry: