What workout did you do today?


@dprofis how did i feel? uncomfortable would be the best way to describe that,it’s quite tough but i just stuck the trainer in erg mode and broke it down into 15 min segments.
shame about the HR monitor it’s been having crazy surges lately so i just took it off,i’d be long dead before 238 maybe it’s picking up the cats heartrate instead of mine!


Phoenix… killed all previous power records >25min from the base period (except for minor peaks from Kaiser and Darwin).

only got on the trainer by 7pm with the workout & a shower started cooking food at 9.15… dinner at 9.45. little late but better prep next time!


Considering my “failed” ramp-test Tuesday then only did 2 of 3 intervals on Mount Goode yesterday this was a very important workout mentally.


Sure was


Well, that just damn near kicked my ass. Donner wasn’t that tough when my FTP was lower. :sweat_smile:


A dash of threshold on top of yesterday’s vo2 work.


Back into some sweet spot tonight! I am on the HIM LV plan. Followed this one up with a good brick run to dinner immediately after with pretty good pace.


McAdie+1 Managed this one last time when FTP was lower, this time I had to reduce intensity to 95% for last three intervals… and final two I did the volcano climb to mentally push up the hills…did get through to end on the limit. rest/recovery week can’t come quickly enough, my poor legs need it!


Tunnabora. First full workout on a “new” bike. It’s an old Trek Equinox. Spent a good amount of time in aero position and it felt pretty good. Heart rate was a little higher than usual, but to be expected being in a new position like that.


Bike Fail this morning, a 2hr commute cancelled at the last minute due to a missing saddle bag, no chance I risk it without spares and tools.

30min easy lunch run.


Ramp Day - new FTP this time. Last ramp yielded the same FTP as I started with (256). I manually bumped that to 260 as I had been feeling good and started down Sustained Power but thought it out and probably didn’t see an increase because I needed some recovery time after 2 SSB cycles and General Build. Today’s ramp wasn’t a huge jump, but improvement none the less @ 263 (3.78W/kg) and onto another SSB cycle waiting for Spring to arrive.


At 3p did 2800m swim then 7:30p Alice. Failed on the over threshold.


Have you washed the strap recently?


Wright Peak -2 with 10% followed by Pettit.
I had a poor ramp test on Monday so I readjusted my FTP upwards to 300 and that felt just right. Week 1 of SSBHV (modified to meet my crazy triathlete needs) is almost in the books


Fang Mountain +1 today after a long and stressful week at work was really pleased with how this went, hard but always felt I was going to complete it.


Baird +2 today. Had a really hard time. Haven’t struggled all that much with VO2 workouts yet…but I just didn’t have it today. Not sure if I’m getting sick, or fatigued from Wed Joe Devel workout, or poor fueling…but the whole workout was a struggle, and the latter half I was just trying to get through the thing at 95% + a few backpedals. Haven’t had a workout throw me like this in a while.



I came, I saw, I conquered - over-confidence aside, I was pretty intimidated by this workout after the previous 4 weeks were full of SS workouts. The speeches from Coach Chad help me, the part about dipping over FTP where a lot of riders don’t want to go helped me tell myself to keep going, don’t be another statistic that says “<insert training program/diet> doesn’t work”. Be honest with yourself, push through and you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

I feel I can get on top of these workouts by just touching base with proper form; not gripping the bars but simply placing my hands on them, keeping a rhythmic breathing pattern and relaxing my face and shoulders. If I find myself fully comcentrated on those factors then the body follows suit and pushes through.


Av Spire +1. Tough, particularly the last hill in the last two intervals. Almost cracked on the fourth, held it together and got through.

Not ashamed to admit that posting key workouts in this thread is motivating when it’s hard. I don’t want to post a backpedal or “fail” for all to see. It’ll come, I know, but today during that fourth interval I actually thought about that and HedTFU.


Carpathian Peak +1. Week three of sustained power build, mid volume. This went way better than I thought it would. Felt more like long threshold efforts than over under. I did the last interval with a bit lower cadence, averaged right around 80. I really felt that in my legs much more than the other two, was much more challenging to stay through.

I added in some zone 2 at the end, both because I was still feeling good at the end of the last interval, and to make up for skipping my ride last night so I could go to bed early instead.

I really struggled to get on the bike today, super glad I did, because the ride went really well. I put my kid to bed this evening, and promptly fell asleep after. I got woken up after a while, and had a heck of a time getting going. Probably took me a good hour to wake back up and gather enough motivation to start riding. Was super close to just going back to bed and skipping the ride again like I did yesterday.


McAdie +1 - week 5 SSB Mid Vol. The last interval here had me almost giving up, started with a high 90’s cadence, ended with 80-85. One more Sweet Spot workout and then next week is recovery week and that is welcome.