What workout did you do today?


Nice effort.

But just what is, or was, so funny about your socks? It’s been nagging at me for weeks now!
:triumph::joy:. Pics or it didn’t happen!


Kaweah this morning.


avalanche spire +3 for me today, week 2 of sustained power HV. No cracking! 56 total mins averaging threshold is no joke! I think the carpathian peak version next week will be 60mins of over unders, so hope I’ve got myself together for that!


Question: if you ride without a power meter and without a hrm, do you still count the workout? :thinking: Today was a 3hr outdoor gravel ride and I wore a new hrm that I forgot to pair with my 520. Weather was grim, drizzle, windy, scenic (because I live in a postcard).

Saw several horse riders, two were walking their dogs, one I took a picture because the dog was on a leash.

And then this very-Swiss pic. From left to right: white fridge with fresh, local Apple Juice for purchase, next is local eggs for purchase, then the way-finding signs for walkers (and gravel riders :wink: point to villages/towns (often with walking times), the doggy poop receptacle (don’t let a Swiss person see you throw regular trash in it) with poop bags avail on the side, a bench, and a cross (to pray before you hit the 18+% climb nearby?)… (the purchases are honor system, by the way, a container for money is inside the boxes)

And it’s frog migration (?!?) season. I’m not sure if the ‘do not proceed’ (circle) between 7p-7a sign is there because of the ‘caution - frogs’ (triangle) or if it’s a coincidence as neither sign was there the last time I went. (This isn’t the only place I’ve seen the frog sign, but the only one I’ve seen the apparent prohibition.)


Pre-race opener today for me. Feels like I’ll be coming down with a cold next week so I’ll just enjoy it for as long as it lasts. Last race until 7:th of April.


I was still at work at 4am one day, and someone brought it up, and we laughed way too hard at it. Both because it was kind of dumb, and also since we were well past tired. I thought it’d make a good internet name though, and it stuck.


Catchup Brick session :+1:

Man, those 4hr sessions have one extra benefit…they make a 1h45 sessions feel quick!


Mount Goode +5

Another hard one for me, but pushed through to end with reduced intensity, legs just felt empty after first interval interval at 100%. Glad I finished it in one form or another, looks messy but would have been easy to bail out. Zwift bambino fondo tomorrow, nice <2/wkg ride planned for that, then a weeks recovery :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking at fitness and freshness on Strava, I’m fittest I’ve ever been and most fatigued I’ve been, so not concerned about not hitting targets in workout, guess this is what its like at the end of a third week of a high volume plan for me, I’ll make sure I don’t over do it, never one to be afraid of an extra day or two’s rest if I feel I need it.


Eclipse. The low-cadence interval felt waaaaaaay easier than the other two.


Baxter -2 followed by the first 3 intervals of antelope. I ran out of time to complete antelope. Also my HRM died during the first interval. Supposed to be a rest/recovery week but felt like doing something a bit ‘more’.

Ramp test on Tuesday but I’ll probably do an hour in the morning too. Need to do something to get over cinema calories tonight :wink:


A 55 minute run and a 1900m swim to finish off the week. Looking forward to my rest day tomorrow :sleeping:


Low cadence intervals feel much easier while doing them. But wait till tomorrow :wink:

Started my tempo run today way too late (2pm), felt weak and very strong wind didn’t help. Used the wind on the way back for two solid efforts (2.5k and 2k at 3:31/k and 3:35/k) and averaged 4:04/k for 1 hour.

Lunch, Strade Bianche finish, double espresso & cake and a filtered coffee at home and back at it with Leconte.

First block had some SI joint issues, 2nd block in aero position (felt good) but almost lost it - cadence dropping. Third block and standing surges put a smile on my face, silly easy (in the context!).




Jepson today. Had to dig really deep to finish it today. My workouts following ski days are tough. And when I look at the time I’m spending at >100% LTHR, I’m starting to think I need to lower my FTP.


Was really intimidated by Kaweah this morning after raising my FTP this week, but crushed it. Added another interval on the end just because I could. :smiley:


There is something very satisfying about sweetspot sessions :heart_eyes: (Cumberland +2)


TrainerRoad Wright Peak -6. 2*30 minutes at 94% FTP, for an hour at sweetspot. A few recovery intervals thrown in too. Did well!

Got to Level 12 on Zwift too!


Kaweah. Had to dial it down 5%. Tried going 100% in interval#5 but legs were giving up, so had to dial it down 5% again. Was tough :sweat:


Elephants +5. Kept the cadence to around 90; had to concentrate to keep the power consist

ent. Going to do a long endurance ride tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to get outside in about a month. Hope springs eternal!


Were these 15 min intervals? I have the 3x20 min version next Saturday and already getting psyched out, I survived the 7x8mins today so I should be able to handle it, just stringing together the efforts seems daunting at the moment lol