What workout did you do today?


Last 3 weeks have been rough. Sick, travel, sick.

Had to break on this one to sit on the pot and called it a day. Looking forward to riding outdoors farther south in a week and not being on a airplane.


Yup, just 15 minutes long. These only went to 105%, and they didn’t hold there. Last week was shorter but up to 110%, which was a lot harder in comparison.


Apparently the frogs do come out early. But I don’t recall them on these trails the last couple years, or maybe I forgot.

Seen this morning on our pre dawn Sunday 8mi Trail run, an early start because of forecast high winds and rain later this morning.


The on-plan workout for me today was Junction -1, but I’ve been massively struggling with motivation this past week or so and the prospect of doing that did absolutely nothing for me. Instead I did a custom workout (https://www.trainerroad.com/cycling/workouts/498103-pkr-climber-2). Each interval is meant to simulate racing a short, increasingly steep climb, with 5 minutes at 90% and 3 minutes at 100% being the racing to the base of the climb, then the climb being 2 minutes at 110%, 1 minute at 115%, 30 seconds at 120% and 30 seconds at 125%.


Nice workout! You might want to check out Basin and its modified versions.


Thanks. There are a couple of shorter versions I’ve done of the same workout: https://www.trainerroad.com/cycling/workouts/498071-pkr-climber and https://www.trainerroad.com/cycling/workouts/498088-pkr-climber-1
I quite like Basin, but find the 150% peaks just a little excessive


I’ve got Boarstone, today – two hours of aerobic without breaks and I am not looking forward to it.


Taylor -2 - first VO2max repeats workout for me. Was dreading it, but it was surprisingly easier than I had thought, heart and lungs were ok, legs were the limiting factor (even at pretty high cadence). Same time warp as in running 30/30 intervals: the 30 seconds of effort last forever, the 30 seconds of recovery zoom by in fast-forward mode.


Did the -1 version Friday - 4x10 mins in 75 mins. Definitely need some distraction to get through those looong intervals…


Galena today. Those long 20 min at 90-93% FTP really hurt. Tho the feeling is so nice when it’s done.


Legs were fatigued after a week of business travel and hotel gym training sessions so pleasantly surprised I nailed this workout.

Weight has also been trending in the right direction so feeling good halfway through general build MV


Sleeping Beauty -4
3 5x30/30@115%

Recent medial fiasco has left me freaked out about going all out…not a good thing considering I just started a VO2 block! Decided to “dial it back” with this shorty.

Some observations and conclusions:
It was super easy. I was nose breathing for every interval.

Either the work intervals are too short or the rest intervals are too long.

My %HRmax at the end of each set: 87/83/77%. It was getting EASIER as I went along!
(note: during the set recoveries, my HR returned to 55% within 3 min).

Considering VO2max is time @>90% HRmax, this was both a useless VO2max workout (too easy) and a useless Threshold workout (too short). Maybe my FTP is wrong. :laughing:

Granted, this was only a 5x interval set, so perhaps I require a >10x interval set to get my HR into the >90% zone. Then again, do I want to spend 6min doing 30s stomps just to reach a final 4min of actual VO2 work when I could do a 4-5min interval instead?

Might be useful to do a much harder and longer interval at the start of the set in order to achieve >90%, then go into the short 30s repeats. Is there a TR workout designed like this? :man_shrugging:


That’s what I was wondering about on my first VO2max intervals this morning. I peaked at 87% max HR at the end of the 3rd set of 14x 30/30. Am I supposed to bump up the load until I spend most of the intervals in the >90% range? My FTP feels right when doing SS, threshold and over/unders.


My .02 on this, is to progressively add more intervals to each set, and shorten rest between intervals. IF for that ride was 0.75, that should feel easy. If you want to stay at 115%, it will take longer sets to get the same time at VO2max than it would if you did the sets at higher power.

An easy way to modify the workout on the fly, is to switch to to resistance mode instead of ERG, and simply maintain the work interval into the first 5-15 seconds of the rest interval. You can adjust on the fly to get RPE right, but you should KNOW when you’re at VO2max, because you’re just barely holding on.


VO2max is tricky mostly because it’s mostly individualized, far more so than SS.

Sorry to say, but I doubt you achieved any real VO2 work during your workout.
Like my workout, your HR wasn’t high enough to stimulate VO2max and the intervals weren’t long enough to stimulate Threshold adaptations = No Man’s Land.

Either you need to up the intensity with the short <1min intervals or do longer >2min intervals. Caveat being, you want repeatability; so maybe a bump of 1-2% will put you into the >90% zone yet still allow you to complete all the reps and sets.


Thanks for the advice. :+1:

I’m all about VO2max and definitely know how they feel.

I chose this workout in caution – low reps/sets/IF…and it delivered on the promise.

Not a big fan of the burst/short interval durations for VO2 work, even though they do deliver other benefits which longer intervals don’t. Perhaps something like Taylor would do the trick for me.



Do this workout!! 100% Doughnut Stamp of Approval :doughnut: :star:


Running 30/30s are normally done at a pace such that the last rep of 8 will be hell to complete. When I saw Taylor with 3x14x30/30, I was suitably scared. But it turned out way easier than my 8x30/30 running experience…

There are 1 and 2mins intervals coming up in the program, I’ll see how it goes.


In-ride instructions also see Coach Chad telling us to find our own repeatable VO2max intensity. Just because it says 120% doesn’t mean it’s 120% for you. :+1:

[edit: totally forgot about VO2 kinetics! I might have a slow response to VO2 thus even repeated 30s efforts are not enough to push my physiology into the VO2 zone. Either I require much more intense initial stimulus or longer duration at prescribed intensity. Other’s may have fast kinetic response in which short burst intervals would work for them. All the more reason one should pay attention and tailor VO2max sessions to your own person.]


At 5:30 in the morning, there’s a lot of things Coach Chad says that fly way above my head.


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