What workout did you do today?


Just finished Clark. That was…tough.


Saturday: https://www.trainerroad.com/career/emil%20eriksen/rides/52100089

Today: https://www.trainerroad.com/career/emil%20eriksen/rides/52167262

Didnt think i would be able to do Kawaeh but I even had some left in the tank by the last interval!


I took 10 days off the trainer due to a tendonitis issue, today was first day back and I decided to go straight in at deep end (probably not the best course of “return to play”) with Galena +1

It went surprisingly better than expected, first interval was very easy, second interval I increased difficulty, and again for the third interval (held 283 watts for the third interval).

Following on from my original training plan in due for a ramp test on Monday, I’m gonna go ahead and follow the original plan and see what happens


Galena +1. Fueled this really well and I think that made up for the sleep deficit. Love setting PRs in regular trainer workouts!


week 2 of sustained power build high volume = done! did wright peak -2 (3x30 at 85%) it was so-so, not overly difficult but not overly feeling it either, but it’s good. off day tomorrow before the last hard week for this half of the plan.


Just finished a modified Elephants +4. I added an extra 2 minutes rest between each interval using the workout creator ahead of time. These long above thresholds have been the only workouts that were giving me issues during this training block. And I thought that the stock 6 minutes on with 3 minutes rest didn’t look sustainable.

So this was hard as **** but I killed it. As I was starting the 3rd interval, I felt confident, and briefly considered bumping intensity a point or two. Then I reminded myself that the point wasn’t to go hard and blow up again. Figured if I still felt that way on the last two intervals I could adjust. Turns out the last few intervals were super hard as is, and was perfect sticking it out as is.


Had about 3 hours interrupted sleep between 8pm-5am, client came out to work so lunch break was taken later in the day, but because it was SS work I thought it’d be easy … errrr no lol
The first interval was torture and I had to ditch the shows for some Metallica which amazingly helped. Time for some much needed shut eye


Those kind of workouts are only good for the hummingbird peeps that have the super responsive HR (seems like the people with pretty high max HR, also have no problem with getting their HR up to 90%)

30/30 at 115% is really just a primer to set the stage for doing the longer sets at 115% or higher power at 30/30


Week 5 of short power build, upped ftp by 5 watts after having a pretty compliant 1st half. Don’t want to jump it up too much, since today was the easiest interval session at a .89 IF, all the rest are .9 or higher.

Since I’m not doing teh ramp test, I like to drop in a workout that is in the spirit of the current plan, so I did Bird instead. 5x1 min @ 130% with 1 min recoveries. Difficult, but doable.


Another week on, another deviation from the plan. Again, Mills looked like it just wasn’t going to be the level of progression I needed to get to 3 min VO2max intervals next week, so I looked for a substitute:

Made the mistake of thinking about work intervals 7 & 8 during no 6, but had a word with myself and refocused.

I think almost every ride I’ve done on TR so far has had in-ride instructions and this one didn’t. It was interesting seeing how many of the things chad normally tells us I could remember, and implement.

Next week Spencer +2 looks do-able now which was the whole purpose of doing different VO2max workouts from the plan. Might even make myself a Spencer +2.5 with a 7th work interval…


Did Balcony yesterday. The three hour trainer ride isn’t so imposing any more having done it twice now


Was supposed to do Pioneer last night, but I opted for Baxter +2 with some added intensity to get in the upper endurance zones. Ran Zwift along side of it for the first time. It was fun! Would recommend. This is my longest trainer ride yet.


Ramp day today

Couple seconds of data loss but otherwise went as I expected. First MTB race of the season in a few weeks and happy with how I feel. Hope to avoid feeling burnt out by July this year lol.


Interrupted several times, eventually stopped entirely to look after the kids.

I’ve been wondering for years but I’m once again convinced my pedals read a lower power when I’m in aero than I’m actually putting out.


Berryessa today and while scrolling through twitter during the endurance parts this came up on my feed: https://twitter.com/stevestuwill/status/1104905491908452352?s=21
I’ve never seen anything like it!


Couldn’t do this a month ago. Progress. Cut the 65% recovery, running late at work and ran out of time.


Will go back and try this at some stage to hit 120% for all. The hardest bit was the 10minutes you get between sets to think about how horrible the next set will be.


Tray Mountain +3. Week three of sustained power build, mid volume. I swapped in this workout in place of the +0 version, because I thought it looked like a good idea to do an extra 20 minute interval at the end. Recovery week starts now that this is done, and I wanted a good workout to kick it off with.

About an hour into the ride I realized I didn’t have anything to eat, so I took a short break after the 2nd interval to go down and bring up a bunch of bananas. That seemed to get me through just fine.

This was harder than I thought it was going to be. I did 2x30 last week, so I figured this would be fine. It turns out this is 5% higher than what I did last week, but I failed to notice that until I’d finished the first interval and checked because it wasn’t as easy as I had expected.


Time off the trainer :grin: these are days one and two of a mini training camp I’m on in Altea.


Nothing fancy, rest week. I love these weeks. I can watch Fashion TV while riding :)))))