What workout did you do today?


Ramp test. A measley 2w increase but better is better! I was definitely fatigued starting this thanks to our daughter being an unhelpful sleeper for the last few nights!

Ramp test above from my flux. Interestingly I recorded my p2m at the same time with my Garmin and look what it says…

Overall not bad for the flux with only a slight over read compared to the p2m. Within the acceptable margins.

I’ll be pulling the data from both into Excel later to compare step by step and see how the flux really does at different powers :smiley:


Tunnabora, or The Upside-Down where higher power intervals feel like recovery.

Left sit bone is as sore as it was when I started three weeks ago, so I’m starting to wonder if my floor is tilted or something. Isolated leg drills continue to be ridiculous.


After yesterday’s interval session. Had a mostly drill focused swim at lunch.

Followed up this morning with a nice pace bump after the recovery week for my ez run. Low HR, faster pace. This is why I’m running by time this year, as if I was sticking to mileage, I’ve noticed that after some fitness bumps, I plateau pretty quickly. I think it was since going faster(and thus shorter time) at the new fitness means that the previous distance was less stress and I would eventually lose it.


Haven’t had those pop up for a while but whenever I did, I would attempt them, get annoyed within about 30 seconds and go back to 2-legged cycling. Having single-sided power on my bike doesn’t help.


YES, sounds about right. The instructions keep harping on “kick and pull” and promise that it just takes practice. I have skepticism.


Donner this morning, the increased FTP has made these types of workouts a bit more taxing.


A customised “Baird”…


Dreadmill workout this morning. Almost ran outside, but it was 15F and quick intervals are easier inside. Watched half of “The Dawn Wall” on Netflix, a free climbing doc. I’m into it. My running is still slow but it’s getting better. I’m happy with the HR.


@bbarrera Nice job! We are on very similar paths! Heres mine from this AM

Notice the HR on the 2nd to last interval, I hit 203!!!


@ellotheth Is your cadence sensor off? I find it hard to believe you’re hitting 200+


Emphatically off, yes. It’s reading cadence data from my trainer, which is in ERG mode, which gets really confused if I have to shift at all to avoid a wattage floor because my FTP is so low. I think the average cadence reading within an interval is probably close enough, but the individual data points are all over the place.


Great work! Weird that HR jumped so much, did you change positions or do something different? Keep in mind HR is not the best measure of effectiveness for these vo2max workouts.

I’m on week 1 of short power build mv, and substituted Bashful +6 for the ramp test (did one last week). After finishing I realized Bashful +6 is in week 3, and uses slightly higher power (122% vs 120%) than Baird +6. Hoping I have time to do the complete workout next time!


Dade +5 - 9x2.5min @ 120%, cracked hard on the 9th one, but finished it and did endurance part. Let’s just say I’m glad I don’t have to do these for a few more weeks


@bbarrera Thanks I think I was just struggling and tried to “give it all I had” when it jumped. I was 1-2% under most of the intervals but the last two or three were worse. I wasn’t looking at it in terms of effectiveness but I have a naturally higher Max HR but never had seen it approach let alone top 200!

Im on week 2 or sustained power build MV but I’m substituting here and there.


Ramp test day today.

Starting second half of sustained power LV. I missed a week of the first half due to injury so I wasn’t expecting miracles. Starts out badly not feeling it during warm up … Probably due to bad sleep and work related stress, however when I got warmed up I started to forget about all the stress (yay endorphins!) And kept pushing myself. Eventually cracked but set a new (much, much) higher FTP. Unfortunately I accidentally closed the app during cooldown so the end of the ride wasn’t recorded…


Hunter this afternoon. Fueling strategy before hand was off. Hard to muster the requisite power at the beginning of each 20min. Most stable in the third 20min. Still shy of prescribed effort (112 TSS vs 121 target).


Kaiser -1

Should have been Kaiser +2 but I am feeling my way up into VO2 max work instead of regularly failing it!

I may have had 400mg caffeine and many snacks this afternoon. I am well pleased with the result!


Owens … I had good compliance to the previous VO2max work but apparently 125% is clearly above my repeatable VO2max power. 3x backpedal throughout for ±30s each. painful lesson!


Shortoff +1. First time in non-erg mode. So as you can see i had trouble staying steady. But it felt easier and more natural without erg mode. So this means after next monday’s gendarme, i’m going back in erg mode for more suffering. Oh and my baby started crying during the last minute of the last interval so had to cut it short…by the time i tried to get back on the bike for cooldown i got excruciating foot cramps so i called it quits and walked the dog to cooldown instead lol


Final day. Three pretty tough days, back-to-back with some nice climbing thrown in. TR training has certainly paid off :+1::grin: