What workout did you do today?


You’ve blocked out the pain. Tallac / Galena / long-term Sweet Spot stuff can get really grindy towards the end. To me, it’s more “Jeez, why am I doing this to myself” levels of mental fatigue than the sort of discomfort that you get from over/unders or VO2 work. Gird thy loins.


Nice enjoyable endurance ride, enjoying the start of my recovery week. Like all easy intervals, the week will be over before I know it … and like all hard intervals, the three hard weeks afterwards will feel like twelve!


I typically wash it every 5 - 7 rides. I have, however found a trick. If I put the HR strap on before my ride, it’ll either not register my heart rate for a good 2 - 10 minutes. The trick is (and I can’t remember where I read this exactly), but I wet the sensors on the actual strap just before I put it on. If I don’t have water close by, I’ll just give it a quick lick :slight_smile:


Did some swimming last night. Was in a faster lane than usual cause the other ones were full and that one only had 1 other occupants. Kinda pushed me to go for more laps at a shorter interval between laps.

Felt nice to see how much comfortable i am in the water, another guy that started 1 month after me (who is frustrated by his slow progress, like i was) told me how he finds me to be a lot faster than before, so i guess the training and those youtube videos helped!


Yup! It’s usually in the manual.

I moved to optical for indoors. I find it far more comfortable having an armband vs a chest strap.


It would definitely help if I read the manual haha! My goodness, that has driven me crazy.


Outdoor ride, still can’t find my bike comp and my phone was out of battery so no power…luckily I know the TSS.

Fuelled the ride and paced it easier…and got there six minutes faster than last time :+1:

Also felt fine putting in nearly an an hour at RPE 6 run at lunchtime :sunglasses:

MyFitnessPal reckons I still have a 2,000kcal deficit for the day :roll_eyes:


I had a similar experience last night. I was moved to a lane next to the high school club swimmers half my age and felt the need to “keep up.” Found I could hold a much quicker pace than I thought! Need that push once in awhile.


I did Eclipse the other week and it didn’t feel as hard too. The workouts are hard this week because I’m doing them straight after work instead of first thing in the morning


WTH…I need try that!


Carpathian Peak +1. :sunglasses:


Following up the Z2 spin this morning with my quality swim workout of the week.

18x100 main set, first half ez, 2nd half increasing pace. All on same interval (so faster sets get more recovery)


Fang Mountain +3 today. Super happy with how it went!


Bluebell used to mean ice cream. Now it means pain! :anguished:

I tend to maintain a high cadence on intervals like these, like around 110 RPM. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but it seems to help with my accelerations during cross races.

Felt like getting some more time in the saddle after, so did Taku as well.


This afternoon was to be Gibraltar. Planned start was about 4p for the 1:45 ride to be done before making dinner for the kids. Fueled accordingly. Missed that start time so I aimed for starting at 6:00p, after I made dinner for the kids. 13yr old son, suffering from a bad cold/flu-like thing since Sunday, asked to watch a show together, so I said yes. Then he wanted to see the next episode, and I couldn’t say no. Got on the bike a few minutes before 8p totally on empty because I fueled expecting for a 4p start and only had a small snack at 5p.

15min of Gibraltar, then switched to 15min of Petit, then just decided to call it. :unamused:


Doing a couple of SS-workouts in the middle of GB to clear out a cold that’s been sitting since Saturday.


2000m swim this am, then a Pioneer + 20 minutes “at faster than race pace” brick. Of course I have no clue what race pace is so I just simulated going out too hard :wink:


Last 4mins was LIT :fire::call_me_hand::hot_face:


Week 2 of SSB1-LV

Did Monitor at 103% this morning and felt easy. Will most likely put my FTP back up to what it was before my last test as I think its too low but will confirm after Antelope scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Still running 5x a week and doesn’t seem to be an issue so I think low volume plan is working for me at the moment


Let me know if you do the longer version. I’m putting that off indefinitely!