What workout did you do today?


Geiger. High cadence stuff got bouncy.

I got a level out. It’s tilted.


Third week of SSB2HV, swapped out Eclipse for Tray Mountain as I have a dumb trainer and it’s just annoying with the shifting target power plus I want to have the time left of whole interval shown. I did the whole workout @ 103%, will do the same today with Antelope +5 and if that feels ok I’ll manually bump the FTP up. But man these longer SS intervalls are tough mentally.


Elephants +5, 6x7min 105-108%, t’was tough, cracked midway through last one, but without a doubt I’m getting a lot better at suffering through these


Wind was 20mph gusting to 28mph, good times for the first long route of the Wed night series. Not the best substitute for Spanish Needle but I did dial things down to keep TSS below average for this ride. Secondly I was a little tired after Mon vo2max and Tuesday ride that I didn’t keep at zone 2 / aerobic endurance. Need to exercise more discipline while doing zone 2 outside!

Fixing my weak posterior chain / glutes is clearly paying off - no more knee issues and a simple/strong seated push had some 3-11 second PRs for 2019 season (starting late September). Wasn’t even trying. Progress.

After sharpening top-end will go back to base and work on power. This route is basically 2x40 threshold when ridden hard, plus another 40 minutes for the ride to/from home. Power is down after focusing on fixing glutes/chain.


Maybe not every week but once a month or so might be kinda nice to! Especially on those days that i’m not cramping in the feet like a mofo


Just did fish-2 week 7 him build lv. First two 15 minute intervals bang on second 2 complete rubbish. Normally don’t fuel but this was too much with not enough on board. Going to make sure I eat a bit more tonight before my run tomorrow


Oof thats a good pace! Im a 50 year old new swimmer if Im lucky, all out I can hit a 1:35 pace …doing a a 25yd sprint! :slight_smile:


I find it so interesting that folks have much lower heart rates than me. I think genetically I run higher and I’m not in the best shape but I did Bluebell +1 a couple of weeks back (FTP a bit under yours) and I was maxing out in the low 180s! :hot_face:


Thanks! I’m just trying to see if I can catch up to @JulianM although the distances I swim are still quite a bit less than him.


well he is a Kona qualifier!!! Ive been swimming for a bit under 2 years and just find it so hard. So technical I look at the gains I’ve made in running and biking and with swimming Im more comfortable and a bit faster but still really slow


youtube started suggesting videos from effortless swimming, so I watched a few. Watching a few of his video critiques can give all of us some pointers.


None… the hardest part of structured training


just Phoenix while watching the new podcast. solid workout!


5,050m swim today though my usual day is Wednesday. A crowded pool even though I waited until late. At one point, there were 5 other people doing 5 other workouts in my lane. Generally, however, there were 2-3 other people (each doing their own thing). The interference meant a few lengths were, um, ‘recovery’ doing one-arm drills or something until I could pass at the wall or until oncoming traffic passed so I could pass without being too obnoxious. For the last 1500m though, I had my own lane.

Main set: 3x500m w 20s rest; 5x300 w/ 15s rest; 10x100 fast w/ 10s rest


This kicked my butt last week, but I made it through this week (yesterday):

Spending some hard evenings around threshold these days…


Ha! Thanks chaps :grinning::+1:

Swimming is by far my weakest triathlon leg but I’m slowly getting better. @dprofis I learned to swim in 2010 when I started triathlon and it’s a real struggle to see improvements while having to run and ride as well. Maybe it would be different if I was just swimming without having to commit time to training the other sports.

I haven’t improved much really over the past number of years but I’ve put in a concerted effort over this winter swimming more than I’ve ever done before (averaging around 14k/week since October) and I’ve definitely seen some improvement but it’s hard work for what seems like what seems like relatively small gains :disappointed:

To achieve what I want I need to really be swimming well under the hour without a wetsuit and I’m nowhere near that ability…but I’m not giving up just yet :facepunch:

Second week of SSB2 for me and Clark was on the bike menu. Back to the pool tomorrow…and Hunter on the bike.


A slightly customised (correct spelling :wink:) Geiger.


Washington +4 today. Weekn5 of sustained power build low volume. First workout after a ramp test… Had to stop during cooldown period as my calves started cramping… Feel good now but not so good immediately after getting off the bike…


Tower☠. Two weeks ago I did Ragged but had to do a 10s pause on the last step so I wasn’t really confident that i would be able to do this one non stop but I ended pushing it through the end for my Thursday “no drop” ride, yay🙌! I guess i was feeling better today despite my lack of confidence…


Easy run., not really long, but that sort of effort.

Skipped swim.