What workout did you do today?


I guess it’s a physiology thing. Anything over 160 and I know I’m on borrowed time. Close to 170 and I’m burnt toast. But I have gotten a lot better–I can maintain a hard effort in the 160’s much better than I could before TR and I can recover fairly quickly. I know some people reach 180’s or higher. At that heart rate I think mine would explode.


Did Jepson tonight. Kind of hurt.


I agree I’ve seen a number of them and some great suggestions


Well maybe this will blow your mind on VO2 Max intervals I’m often in the lower 190s and this week on one interval I hit 200


“recovery as a workout”

  • 1 hour nap this afternoon
  • carb loading via #Nate’sMethod
  • 30 minute active recovery walk below vt1



These 30s intervals are not for me.

HR never got over 90%max even though I was averaging 118%FTP (vs prescribed 114%) for the set.

I’ll stick with the hard start long steady state VO2 intervals. :+1:

(note: I attempted Rattlesnake yesterday w/o eating… Total and complete failure.)


Base run with hill strides was :+1:t4:
Tallac was :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Left it too late and neither mind nor body were cooperating.
:wine_glass: + :spaghetti: + :chocolate_bar: to reset for tomorrow


Mt Baldy +1 as part of the Century Speciality:

Did well, 4*10 mins at 95-95% FTP. Happy camper.


Hate it when that happens! I’m carb loading ahead the next hard workout!


Don’t forget it’s Pi day, get some fruit carbs!


Antelope today for me. Missed my alarm and woke up late so had to cut the workout short. Upped intensity to 105% and could definitely have done the last interval without too much worry.

Probably going to manually turn my FTP up a bit and then wait for the first V02max workout to knock me back into reality


Antelope (+5) here as well, upped to 103% and it didn’t feel bad at all, so now I’m bumping my FTP hoping the weekend workouts will feel equally managable.


I just couldn’t. I feel terrible for not completing this. Had to can it after the third interval cause I had to throw up. I shouldn’t have had any reason to fail: 8 hours sleep, plenty of nutrition … this was on another level. I don’t know if it’s cause I had too much on my mind this past week?
Money stress, the prospect of getting a better paid job in another state, the thought of being off the bike for about a month after my hernia repair next Wednesday … it kind of feels pointless cause I know I’ll more than likely have to repeat SS1 (this would’ve been my final workout before recovery week then SS2)


Took two days off the bike after my mini training camp and eased myself back in with Black. This is my Baxter. Love this session.

First road race on Sunday so tomorrow is a tidy the garage day :grin:


Hope the operation goes well. Don’t stress this, you’ll be back stronger than ever.


Thanks, mate. Fingers crossed there are no concerns post-op. To be honest I’m terrified of going back into old habits but hopefully with the prospect of landing a new job and making a big move should take my mind off things


Commute in. 2h09, 44km, 750ml water with 60g powerbar isotonic.

Had protein porridge for breakfast and a whey protein shake.

Interesting that PowerTap/Rouvy has the TSS as 110, TR downgraded that to 96 :sleepy:


Munched at the desk earlier; bacon sandwich, large cappuccino, two sugar doughnuts (for charity), 750ml water.

The rest of this weeks long run easy pace but HR up due to the hills. Mostly at 135-145. Knees feeling it as I’m up to 4 hours running so far this week.


yeah, my max is somewhere between 175 and 180. Sub-maximal efforts for me match up better with a 180 max, but getting above 170 on the bike (especially on dirt) means that a crash might happen soon if I’m not careful.


Busy couple of days… Has been a tough week of sleep… the time change has kicked in a sleep regression with our daughter, so she’s ended up in our room every night this week. I think I’ve gotten about 6 hours at best each night. But… Did get out yesterday and did

55 min run, with 12x1 min intervals w/ 1 min recoveries.

Then did a continuous 1500 m (1650 yards) at lunch. A nice and comfortable pace, something I think I could hold for a much longer distance.

Was feeling that run this morning as I got up and tried to psych myself up for the longer VO2max intervals that are a part of the build plans, I think both GB and short power built have the same progressions of Dade, matthes, Kaiser variants. I need to figure out if I want to switch these out to Mondays or if Friday is still the ideal day for this. Power was about 5% off target for most of the sets, but I was able to get a decent HR response… but even more ideal would have been higher 160’s, but with 4 min recoveries it is really hard for me to get my HR that high.


Ericsson this morning. Skipped my swim last night. Daylight savings is killing me this week. I’m just exhausted. Getting a little nervous for the weekend as I usually do 40-50% of my training !sat-sun. Think I need to eat more.