What workout did you do today?


Just completed Mills as part of SSB II. Love sessions like this one. A chance to really spin the legs up and get the heart pumping too.


Pettit this morning, the first workout of recovery week of SSB Mid Vol. 1. Oh, what a treat that was after the sessions on last weekend. :smile:


Absolutely smashed Carillon today! First time I felt in control with these longer Sweet Spot intervals.


Gould for me in 30C (85F) heat and 65% humidity. Even with a big-ass 555CFM fan on full bore I sweated about 1.4l in the hour.

Intervals were tough, but doable with some serious focus, who doesn’t love ‘recovering’ at FTP?


Carillon for me today too. Fine I guess though I’m pretty fatigued at this stage and looking forward to an easy week soon. I suspect it’s at least partly the baby’s fault :smiley:


Last week of SSBMVI and was chilling on Pettit this morning watching YouTube videos when the Kickr clamps and I get this welcome back to reality :joy:image


I was also on the Carillon train today - went pretty well except for my KICKR doing a couple weird power spikes in the last interval. Been a while since that’s happened.



I would call it a mental beast…


A Homebrew Kicking for me…


Bald Knob for me today.

Where on earth do they get these name from haha


First recovery week came fast, so an easy one today after a 40min run on rolling roads at lunchtime.

Surprised to find I’m already much more comfortable in aero, but still gave myself a few breaks during the intervals upright…no sense in rushing things :slight_smile:

A challenge for the rest of the week as I’m away on conference. Hoping to find a long enough pool and some good run routes…


Shortoff + 6 - rough workout with some gastric problems after the 5th interval, completely broke my focus and then I failed on the 6th and 7th intervals before dropping intensity to 97% for the last two. Tough day

Looking at the failure on the 6th I was 11 watts over target for the first 90 seconds which definitely didn’t help


Ericsson -1 today. This was the first ride I did with the new FTP. I was expecting this to feel a bit harder than it did. Was pretty happy to make it through strongly though.


I would call it F&^#$^@%!!! But that’s just me.

Kaiser, on the other hand, I did tonight and felt just fine. It was a weight training day which means power was off by 2% with the first few intervals feeling really blocked. Started feeling alive during the last two, hitting target power & above. :zap::+1:


Nice! What’s the interval breakdown?


30s on at 120% FTP, 15s off at 60% FTP x 8 x 5.


Avalanche Spire for me.

I really was not feeling like training, physically or mentally, but forced myself on to the bike anyway as the guilt of a missed workout is like torture for me! To make matters worse, today was the first proper workout after a 10 watt FTP increase late last week!

Struggled through the warm up and was close to quitting before the intervals started but persevered and toughed out the first couple. Started to feel much better after that and finished strong, even managing to bump up the intensity 2% on the last interval. Definitely a heightened sense of accomplishment upon completion, mind over matter was definitely in play today, very glad I pushed through!


I didn’t have time to post up my workout from Monday.

Looks like the fatigue is finally setting in and SSB2 VO2 workouts are starting to fee like I remember (can’t hit all intervals). However that means my aerobic system is being stressed… I’ve read that if you hit power on all of them, it wasn’t hard enough.

Still most successful attempt at Kaiser VO2 power is pretty much in line with where it was during in-season form.

Did lazy mountain -1 today, it was nice and easy… HR didn’t even crest 100 bpm.


A very satisfying ride tonight. I often do 2 * 20 sweetspot at 90% but the 2 * 30 at 90% was a big jump.
The first one was mentally tough knowing that I had another 30’ to do but the second one was physically tiring. Very pleased with it though


I bet that left a mark!