What workout did you do today?


You’re not the only one. @ 51 years old I still go high 190s and over 200 occasionally. Just outliers on the HR continuum. My “all-day” HR runs in the high 170s - low 180s.


Last night’s workout was chopping through nearly 18"/45cm of solid ice to get to the drain in the corner of my yard before the big melt happens this weekend. Apparently TR has not helped my upper body much.


I did Carpathian Peak +2 yesterday. It’s a weekend workout but I have a long winter hike planned for Saturday so had to get it done mid-week. The gradual ups and downs on those over-unders were really tough for me but I did get better at them as the workout progressed. It was one of those workouts where I felt very anxious during the first interval because of how difficult it was feeling. I took in more carbs during the workout than I usually do and Chad’s comments (as well as loud music and positive self-talk) helped me through. This was definitely one where my full focus was needed- no cognitive bandwidth for movies, etc. Successfully completing workouts like this makes me irrationally happy and each one I do will be motivation for the tougher tests down the road.


It’s a long-haul thing. If you can keep your mind occupied at something else than counting how much time is left, it’s ok.


Did The Thumb but it gave me the finger. Half way through I started thinking I should tattoo HTFU on the inside of my right forearm so I can easily eyeball it in aero (and running for that matter). Last night was 5000m pool, easy run this morning, Thumb, and Gasherbrum tomorrow morning. The tattoo is looking good.


Ok today didn’t go so well especially on the last one but i was FRIED. 13.5 hrs of training the last 6 days, 6.5 hrs biking and the rest swim, run & strength including 2 hr bike yesterday and squats and dead lifts and 2.000 yds earlier today. REST DAY tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Mills +1

I was really hanging on for dear life at the end. A real white-knuckle ride.


Yikes- not looking forward to this one.


@bbarrera - no pie for me yesterday but eating all my feelings meant I was well fuelled for Boarstone and a 2000m swim today (the garmin tells me it was a pb for 1500m)


Likely because Rouvy has different ftp, or TR has different power source.


Ah quite right - I havent used it in ages and it had my old FTP!

I wonder where it got my VO2 max ml/kg value from.


And home again to finish off a five hour + stealth training day!


Leconte, not as hard as i had expected so i did townsend after it.


The Austins are in town. Mary sent her little sister to kick my arse - instead, I kicked hers.


When failure isn’t but still is. Originally planned on 4:30 today, downgraded to Longfellow 4hr and stopped at 3hr. Slept 10hrs last night, which is 3 more than usual, which could indicate fatigue. Before getting on the turbo, did 25min (minutes not miles) “walking” the dog in the forest on the gravel bike, which he loves, so I can say I rode 3:25 today. Still feel I got something out of today so not a loss.


Easing back into things with Baird +5 - first real intervals since the collapsed lung. Felt ok, not a super hard workout, but was nice to elevate the HR and breathing without a recurrence


This was a really really tough workout today. But then again I need to work on my sustained efforts so job well done.


First workout with the new ftp, felt surprisingly managable. Wright Peak -2 tomorrow :neutral_face:


Clouds Rest -1


Everybody loves a good ol Raymond

2nd workout w/out ERG, was a bit harder to get the right gear in the last interval, ended up finishing it in a lower gear and just upping my cadence, raised my HR a bit but finished strong
Can’t wait to go back to ERG mode after gendarme. (i find it makes me work harder)

It’s also weird that there’s no FTP test until another months or so seeing i did my last 2 weeks ago