What workout did you do today?


Last night was Ebbets. The Vortex doesn’t handle full out 5s sprints all that well.


It did. Might have to tone it down a bit for the next round.


Nice and easy Taku today, this time after work, as I was lazy in the morning. :blush:


Well, weird day for me. Just for kicks decided to do a ramp test, since I have been off a couple of days. Legs didn’t want to go past 18min, which would give me a 253 I think (FTP has been set at 275w). I’ve been doing an abridged version of SSB 1 HV, the past couple of weeks, minus the weekends as I’m racing CX and have no problem getting through workouts based off 275 and did Geiger today soon after the ramp test. None of these tests are ever really my friend lol



Completed Brasstown today and with that SSB LV1, a couple of days of rest for the legs and I will hopefully set a higher FTP on the ramp test for SSB LV2 (oh god even harder workouts…)


Palisade on a school night, took me half hour of faffing to get motivated. Was towing at end last 2 minutes like lead in my boots!!!


Carillon today, which felt fairly easy, but it helped me see that I’m definitely carrying some fatigue right now.


My turn for McAdie+1 today… Amazing how Palisade set me up for this - the first 9 minutes of todays intervals (i.e. Palisade) felt fine, but the last 3 mins of each block really hurt.


:thinking: I’d like a source on this!

I can say this about VO2 intervals – I get stronger/feel better both as the interval progresses and as the workout as a whole progresses (my last two Kaiser intervals were bang on!). Having said that, I may be subconsciously pacing both the interval and the workout, so who really knows.

Did Antelope -5 tonight, a SSB2 lo-vol filler…hopefully filling in some of the bottomless chasm that is my muscular endurance.
Hopefully Ante’s 4x10 @SS will set me up for Lamarck’s 4x10 @Threshold tomorrow.

Up at 5:30 tomorrow for more weights.

Why is training so hard? :neutral_face:


Ebbetts this morning, it was not as bad as I thought it would be, I do struggle to control the watts coming down after the sprint though. As I slack off after the sprint pedal the workout pauses for a second or so, but my pedaling did not stop, then the watts drops to below what I need to be at, but I get it back fairly quick again…


Did Tallac this morning.I got caught looking up Bad Religion songs when the last interval started Ooops


Jepson for me this morning. Love sessions like this. Found that slowing my cadence after the sprint was tricky but that’s something new for me to work on.


Define not well? I’m guessing you mean the resistance doesn’t ramp the way you want? For 5s sprints you might be as well off to just work it out ahead of the trainer… The vortex will definitely let you go over target power if you push it to.


TR ramp test for the first time for me. Went pretty well considering my legs felt a bit wooden and my HR was significantly elevated over usual (Peaked at 201bpm, that was uncomfortable!).

Fairly sure that there would be a few percent more on the table on a good day, but would rather have a realistic FTP that allows me to complete workouts carrying a little fatigue. Gives me a good baseline to start my first foray into a TR training plan :blush:


Darwin. Had enough gas in the tank to up the intensity to 105% on the last interval. SSB2 seems to be working!


Mount Foraker today, the 5x5 minutes actually felt a lot easier than the 6x4 minute intervals of last weeks Mount Alyeska.


Whoops, forgot to say I did Fletcher yesterday.

I always find during my recovery weeks i get little aches and pains. My left knee is giving me some jip, though it’ll be fine when the intensity ramps back up.


Galena + 2 this evening. Felt good throughout and even got a bit frisky in the last few minutes when the end was in site!


I did Mount Field today. I was a little anxious as this was my first workout with an FTP bump (+5%) achieved earlier in the week. All went well and I hit all the targets, but I’m sure I’ll carry the same wariness into the over-and-unders of Reinstein on Saturday.