What workout did you do today?


Bald Knob this morning and just the weekend rides left in SSBMVI this recovery week is very much appreciated and just want to get the ramp test done to see my progress :grin:


I’ll have Bald Knob this evening, had to take care of our dog during the night so could not get up early enough in the morning.


It just doesn’t react all that quickly. It is slow to respond to the change in requested braking power from TR to the Vortex. It takes more than 5s for the trainer to get to requested power setting. Several times the 5s sprint was over and I was 50 - 100W under the target power. On the way back down it would overshoot the steady state power by 20-25W before recovering again


These are the best. 2 1/2 min intervals at a pace that is just shy of cardiac arrest.


Ran yesterday and today, hoping for bike and open water swim tomorrow.


Did you pause the workout after every interval or do you have the recovery skills of a world class biathlete?



I think it’s the ‘smoothing’. Probably set to 5 seconds. Turn smoothing off and it should stop the delay. My kurt kinetic is similar with 5 sec power smoothing.


Some of that sounds reasonably normal however the brake should be able to apply the power as fast as needed. There used to be a setting in the PC app that would alter how quickly TR would ramp you into intervals. Im not sure if it’s still there or if it’s available on whatever platform you use.

So a few suggestions:

  1. Make sure your trainer firmware is current
  2. contact support about the slow ramp into sprints like that (dont worry about the undershoot on the way down… thats usually down to flywheel effects)
  3. Be ready to jump and overpower the trainer (with gearing changes) as/just before the interval starts.


I agree. I think that it is just the nature of of the Vortex and wheel-on trainers. It was actually worse when I tried to jump. I tried it a couple times and it produced the worst results and despite being being updated and calibrated via the TACX app, a huge jump still causes some slippage at the wheel. I guess those are the benefits of a direct drive trainer.


Pretty much. A dedicated trainer tyre may also help if you have a spare wheel to put it on. Just got one today for my wife to use on her Tacx flow so we will see how that goes.


Probably a good 10 weeks or so since doing a ‘proper’ VO2 max session, not currently following a plan but loosely periodising. The sadist in me was looking forward to this evening all day.

I always ‘enjoyed’ Elwell in the past, in that as it progresses the duration of suffer decreases but the intensity of said hurt increases. Completing the first 7 min interval = halfway (of those two) and the same goes for the first 5 minute interval too. Then it’s just a 3 minute and 2 minute interval and, when you’ve hacked 17 minutes already, what’s a further 5 with 3 minutes to recover in between? :sunglasses:

(Tagged an aerobic/tempo interval to spin out properly.)

Tough but still comfortable, HR was bang on peaking at 182bpm (max 186bpm) and found the balance of muscular endurance/aerobic contribution to be delicious. Definitely started to feel a little more muscular fatigue in the final minute but held it together.


A run through tallac today. I’ll probably be replacing Saturday’s under over session with an outdoor ride and look forward to a recovery week next week before jumping up to MV for SSB2.


Andrews for me today.

There’s lots of nasties going round here at the moment, and i think I may be coming down with one of them. Heart rate seems to be elevated for a relatively low effort.


Geiger. :hot_face:


Galena… Yay!


Tallac. First time for me and went OK. Especially after bailing Carrillon on Tuesday before the warm up finished.


Today I done my usual commute 7.5 miles x2 and then mount field, the start of my SSB low volume training plan


Did Palisade this morning…kinda weird, I really struggled on the 3rd/4th interval but then got that magical final-interval surge and my HR stayed about 5 bpm lower than it had in the earlier intervals, even though I was still on target power. Good day.


I done this today and it was probably my toughest one yet. I am only on my 3rd week in on TR and 1st time doing this structured training.


I’ve got Hale in the morning. Got an hour but may try for 75mins