What workout did you do today?


Today was a day with no planned TR ride so a bit of roller work on the track bike. Easy spinning and low TSS


Budawang +5. Was feeling pretty small by the end of that fifth interval - glad to get through it. Seems like Threshold stuff is more in my wheelhouse than VO2 for the time being


Bago - failed at 2nd last interval



Strangely easy considering it’s my nemesis zone.

Happy FTP has increased…unhappy for the next phase of threshold workouts.


Success with Lamarck. HR was about 5 beats lower than I’d expect. As said before I’m not going to test, but keep manually upping FTP depending on how I react to specific workouts. Will definitely be a 10 w bump for next block.


Tallac today - was able to up the intensity a bit and still pretty comfortable!


Sleeping Beauty followed by Taku.


McAdie+1 today !


Taku followed by palisade. Had to turn it down 3% part way through as I was feeling a bit cooked.


Classy Glassy…


Mind if I ask why this order? Palisade is no joke - wouldn’t it be better to do the hard one first?


I know myself well. Theres isn’t a chance in hell I would do more work after palisade but I can use taku as an extended warmup and a small TSS filler/booster.


Haha when I read Brenph’s post and having done Palisade recently, the first thing that popped in my mind was: why on earth would you want to do an additional workout in combination with Palisade.

Guess you worded it a bit more polite :stuck_out_tongue:


Apparently I’ve done pallisade three times (including today) but I had to check to find that out so must not have thought it traumatic enough to warrant remembering.

Ultimately Im trying to work back to ~400 TSS weeks as that seems to be the point where things work well for me. In this context adding a little extra work on a Saturday makes sense for me.


Hehe nice, I just started with TR and Palisade is the the hardest one I’ve come across until now.
Keep up the good work


Baxter this morning. Not difficult physiologically but I find the longer, easier efforts mentally challenging (maybe I just get bored easily?) I think I prefer being forced to dig deep repeatedly. It was made more entertaining by my son appearing 75 minutes in having tried to get dressed and having got some of his clothes inside out :laughing: Dressing a small child whilst continuing a workout was certainly a new challenge!


Mary Austin is done!

70 min run tomorrow, and then time to reel things in for a nice week of recovery.


Palisade today. Made it to the other side :grin:


Did Antelope today. It was no bullshit. I generally nail sweet spot workouts pretty good…but during that fifth 10-minute interval, I was like, “I don’t know, man…”

But I got home on target :metal:


Andrews today, just Fletcher left in SSBMV1.