What workout did you do today?


Kaweah today. running at 95% FTP was tough. Got a couple of weird power spikes from TACX Vortex during the recovery and another drop in braking during one interval


Mary Austin.

Someone needs a karate chop…and their name starts with ‘Coach’…
I should have read the full workout description, especially the part at the very bottom that says, “This workout suitable for masochists, the insane, and straight up suckers.”

Interestingly, after being annoyed enough at trying to keep power on target, I switched over to cadence markers only – 96/101/105 – and things really smoothed out after that. Did nothing to stop the burning, however.

SSB2 done & dusted. Will see what next week’s ramp delivers.

(FWIW, this workout did not make me feel like FM.)


I did the ramp-test today and Taku -1 is a cooling down after that:

Was shooting for the 300 FTP mark and was able to get up to the 403 watt step but I guess I wasn’t able to hold it long enough.


Had to skip Fletcher today, because feeling a bit sick-is. We’ll see about the ramp test tomorrow or on Tuesday…


Did a ramp test to follow up the first half of SusPB LV with some other rides mixed in. Went from 253 to 272 in 4 weeks. I think being more consistent and SS/threshold workouts cause my FTP to rise moreso than shorter/harder intervals.


Hour of endurance outside followed by Palisades. I know which I enjoyed more! Still, not a tricky as I thought it was going to be.


Never been so happy to change a baby diaper in the middle of a workout


70 min run today. Taking tomorrow completely off



I did Antelope today. Felt surprisingly good considering how much I struggle with longer sweetspot workouts on my MTB position.


Palisade followed by a zwift fondo - ruined my plans to do housework because I’m having trouble getting off the couch after all that!


Spruce Knob +3 - 30 minute intervals are mentally awful


Also aimed for 300W (I’m 66kg) and just fell short. I’m new to trainer road, I’ve done 3 ramp tests in the last 10 days, two where I wasn’t quite sure if I was 100% and then today. 297, 296 and 298 in that order so I think that rubber stamps where I’m at!

I did start doing the SSB mid volume but I think it was going to be a bit much coming off the last 2 months high intensity hill climb training so I’m starting the low volume on Tuesday where I’ll extend / up the intensity to suit my feeling.

Did a bit either side of the ramp test too.

I’m using a power meter and a Cycleops Jet Fluid trainer and need to focus on not going harder than precribed on the ramps. (No ERG). My aim is get upto 330W, work to do but I know I can get there.


Fasted Big Squaw (aka Big Sweat).

@2.5hours the longest trainer ride I’ve done to date.

Food never tasted so good. :drooling_face:

Ramp #3 tomorrow. Same as many here, shooting for 300 – my 2018 peak.


Geiger +2 which marks the end of 5 weeks of SSBmv1! Got through it with 100% compliance so far and since I’m going into rest week now I pushed on a bit in the last interval. Happy to have a low intensity week now and excited about next weeks Ramp Test to see where I’m at! :smiley:


Two days of babysitting, no biking, at least I ate well :slight_smile:

I’m wondering what the TSS for that is…? 200, 300…?


Good job :+1::+1::+1:


Gotta be at least 280 if the kids were well behaved… Add 100 if they ran circles around you…


Saturday was another Homebrew 60/15 Vo2max interval set. Felt like I’ve made strides in the last couple of weeks.

Today I actually went out on my bike for a 4 hour endurance ride - Crazy!



I rode the fondo while doing my planned Brasstone workout at the end of my SSB LV I plan–I rode above target, but still kept things in check and rode mixed Endurance & Tempo. Do you run both at the same time? Makes for good kill two birds with one stone action for Zwift events while sticking with your TR training plan :grinning:.


Spruce Knob +3 and let me tell you… it was a knob at the end of a hard week! Mega tired legs now.