What workout did you do today?


I have Huffaker tonight! I’m just super excited to do V02 after couple of months of sweetspot. :slight_smile:


Taking it easy today with Carter (45 min), though I added in some sprints halfway through.


Killed mills last night. +5% after the first set and the end of the last interval snuck up on me, could have held it for another 30 seconds to a min probably. VO2max is my bae.


32min Run RPE 4

2400m Swim main set 10x100 at 1:45 +10s

Not sure I want to bike tonight.


20 Min FTP Test… First time back on the bike in 10 weeks so losses were expected. Managed to come in with an FTP of 300W (4.2 W/kg) so I will take that! Losses, but limited ones


Did Huffaker tonight. Pretty tough, but through. :muscle:


Huffaker is base level?! Ouch. I had a hard time with this a couple of weeks ago!


Clark for me today. First time on this one. I prepped mentally and calorifically as per latest podcast advice…pretend a hard workout is a race!

Felt like I smashed it!


Did donner legs like lead last 3 minutes of last interval :weary:


Pettit today for me.

Cold feels much better, legs felt fabby too, so I should be good to get back into it next week :blush:


Megantic +2 quickly becoming my go to Tuesday maintenance workout now I’ve finished a plan, trying to hold onto some fitness for just a little longer.

Three weeks worth. Frustratingly I had to dial it back to 95% tonight because I had very heavy legs for some reason. Main thing is I kept going I guess…I was about to chuck it after my computer crashed during the warmup.


Baxter for the first time (I’m in recovery week)! Wanted to see what all the fuzz was about @Nate :wink:. I liked the variety though!

Was pretty easy… combined with the fact that Mary Austin was doable last week might suggest that I need to increase my FTP. Test coming up next week!


Been doing a lot of tempo / endurance rides, and felt like mixing it up, and did Bays for some sprints! Felt really good to do some high power stuff.


Absolutely brutal. Has anyone completed this without stopping? I had to pause for an extra minute between every 50 sec sprint.


McAdie -1. Hard, but doable.


Tunnabora wrecked me today. I dropped the intensity to 96% on the last one. This whole cadence thing is new to me and requires a lot of concentration, that and keeping proper form. Solid learning session today for sure.


Was supposed to do Pettit this morning, but swapped it and did Baxter -2 instead. Just wanted some variation as I find Pettit mind numbingly boring… They have similar Time, TSS and IF


Haha yeah that’s what I read on the forum, but maybe I shouldn’t believe everything I read on the internet :wink:


That looks like the stuff of nightmares! Going to give that a swerve. Well done :+1:


All Ansel Adams variations are my nemesis. Never tried the +4 variant but I still feel your pain. I normally end up reducing intensity slightly rather than extra recovery - have you tried going that route?