What workout did you do today?


It’s a tough one but ‘Richardson’ and ‘Xalibu’ take it up a notch more with the initial sprints at an even higher level of FTP. I’m avoiding them for now; hoping Megantic gets me most of the benefits without absolutely destroying me.


I’m cheering you on from the sideline. Quite a distance from the sideline though!


A little self created over under workout I call “You’re the best around” (Can anyone name that movie? :smiley: ) 6x8’ over-unders with a 20min low tempo block at the end. Making room for tofurkey tomorrow :wink:


I have Tallac +1 scheduled for today. I’m 50/50 on whether I’m going to do it, or push. I’ll check back in later…

Part of me posting this is a internal/self accountability trick – I’m hoping it works. But the way my mindset is situated right now…three 15 min sweet-spot intervals seems like agony.


I thought about reducing the intensity but I wanted to hit the power targets because it was aimed at anaerobic work. My legs were tired and I don’t think I could have pulled much more than threshold to VO2 sprints for those 50 sec blocks on that little recovery between. It feels different when you hit the numbers then reducing the intensity. Different fibers that I definitely need help with.


Fair point, I was thinking more like 95% even down to 90% intensity - that would keep you just inside the Anaerobic zone. I found that taking it down to that level later in the workout was enough to let me scrape through without increasing recovery time (although to be fair I’ve only done Ansel Adams which is 50s on 50s off, so 10s more recovery than +4).

My rationale was that it would be more important in a race situation to be able to recovery quicker and go again, so train for that aspect. Guess it depends on goals though.

First x14 at 100% is my personal record :crazy_face: dropping down to 97…then 94…then 90.


Ebbetts as the first workout of SSBmv1… Waiting for the arrival of my new smart trainer so haven’t ramp tested yet, but adjusted FTP based on my sensations on the last set of over/unders in SSBmv1.


Clark for me today, never did stomps before on a smart trainer, really have to get used to it.
Nearly pulled my hamstring on the stomp in the 5th interval trying to keep it out of the what did you call it again @GPLama ERG Mode pit of doom?

The remainder of the intervals went fine after the stomps.


I tried to punk myself into doing Tallac +1 today… and it worked :love_you_gesture:


Recovering from Septoplasty/turbinate reduction one week ago. I’m dying to just do Pettit… but trying to “be smart” about it and wait till I know I’m feeling well enough to do it, then another easy ride or two before a new ramp test and starting SSB1 MV again.


Ahhh I should mention I don’t have a trainer with erg mode. If I did I would have to reduce the intensity because I wouldn’t be able to sustain the load for that duration. In a sense I do reduce it but I do it manually then try to hit the number at the 30s mark. The benefit of not using erg.


Huffaker. Second VO2 interval workout this week so far


I was supposed to do Table Rock. I had a nap instead :sleeping: = :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope your recovery goes well.


This absolute mess is what my morning workouts can sometimes look like - just couldn’t muster the legs or motivation to push through.

This 1h ride took me close to 1h20mins to finish. Wanted to quit so bad that i kept setting quit goals “I’ll quit at 45tss or 400cal” but thankfully I have those words from Coach Chad ringing in my ear reminding not to quit or quiting only gets easier.

I think I still managed to muster some gains from this workout even if the “structure” took a bit of a beating.

p.s that little sprint spike is a moment of sheer frustration on my part - the TR manifestation of “Shut up Legs!!!”


When I did the 1 hour version, I had to skip 1 interval in the 2nd set, and 2 in the third


For today, definitely feeling like it is week one of a new training block.

Did Echo -5 in the AM

Then for my lunch swim, did 1800 yards with 10x100 hard on a bigger rest interval, and crushed my previous personal best. averaging 5s/100 yard better than I was last year. A perfect off season will get me to 10s/100 better than last year over my continuous swims/open water.


This is what a workout looks for me when I have either:

  1. really tried legs
  2. didn’t eat enough carbs pre workout.

You’re also not doing yourself any favors doing that big spike at the end of each interval or at the beginning of the third. I think you’d get better adaptions by trying to just be consistent for the entire interval.


72 minutes hitting the sweet spot. Good times, noodle salad.


Thanks @Nate - yeah i think a combination of both.

  1. Simply cold morning legs rather than tired training legs
  2. Fairly depleted as I was planning an evening ride but things changed and it was either smash it in the morning or miss it entirely (friday busy also). Dinner was basically carbless and only managed a slice of toast with honey before hand (5.15am)

The spikes are combo of a lack of concentration and focus, wanting to quit it, and just frustration at feeling so averagfe.


Very easy Pettit last night, and now I have got a flu… :sneezing_face: