What workout did you do today?


Lamarck for me this morning. Not sure why the first interval is so smooth, I managed to hit and maintain power throughout and a steady cadence between 87-89 for all four intervals.

Felt good throughout and this is solid proof that I’m making steady process.


Diamond Valley Road Race today, the last 90s of each interval felt much longer, but it never felt like they wouldn’t be doable.

Not long till taper-time towards my A ‘race’; the Rapha Festive 500, looking forward to it!


Black Hawk + 4 for me tonight. Definitely felt like I pushed through a barrier to complete that last interval at the target power, very tough but very rewarding.


Skipped Ebbetts this morning because of a very light cold I feel coming. Decided to go extra cautious around this as last year I lost quite a bit of time to these short stints of illness. With that in mind, is TSS gotten from low endurance rides ‘safer’ than shorter intenser workouts?


Fletcher, for the second time this week (Traditional Base Low Volume I, week 2).

Only been back on the trainer for a few rides after a long gap - I’m becoming quite conscious of the need to get a bike fit.


55 minute steady run. I’ve earned my turkey for the day!


What’s the best workout to do while nursing a hangover?

Asking for a friend…


Ebbets today. I had planned to do this before work this morning but I really needed the extra hour in bed today. Even this evening it was pretty rough and the last few bursts really hurt!


Table Rock completed today. I have a run later as well but focussing on one thing at a time.


Did a half-Disaster workout today to make room for some :turkey:


I survived Donner. Threshold intervals of SSB2 really get me at the moment, they are hard!


Tallac +2


I did Ebbetts +1 this morning and was quite amazed at how the sprints turn a regulation sweet spot workout into something else entirely!


After both Watts and Huffaker this week, I didn’t think Donner would go so well, but it was a good workout



This is a pretty gentle VO2 max workout (30/30 @120)


Completed Mills this morning, went pretty good although keeping 110 RPM was getting hard:

I did notice that when I slide down to a more aero position my cadence automatically goes up without any conscious effort, it also feels easier on my muscles (just above the knee) to remain at the higher cadence in that position.

Do other people have the same thing or is it just me? Is it also a sign of something that needs correcting or doesn’t it really matter.


Half of Carson. I only had half a night’s sleep, and i ran a feisty 5 miles last night, and i was cold, and tired, and I ran out of time before the family woke up, and it was full moon, and black friday…

No i don’t have any good excuses. I feel the shame.


Why feel shame? At least you tried and you know why you weren’t able to complete it.

In my opinion it is sometimes better to bail on a workout than forcefully finishing it and depleting the spare energy you have at that moment. I think your body can gain more from a bit more rest at that point than what it can gain from finishing the workout (especially if you run out of energy half way through).

I used to be bummed out when an exercise didn’t go as well as I thought it would, but now I just try to figure out why that was and improve on that.
That’s also part of training and getting better, it’s not all just legwork on the bike in my mind :slight_smile:


i struggled with Kaweah today . Had to lower intensity half way through the 4 th interval and also the 5th interval was at like 94%. I guess my FTP increase of 7% has something to do with it .


Baxter for me today. In fact, I’m half way through as I type this.

Bored of the easy stuff, looking forwards to starting SSBMVII again next week. Should be rid of this pesky cold by then :blush: