What workout did you do today?


Ebbets today, miraculously enough only 1 lb of extra water weight from turkey day. Goal is to keep from gaining weight this week. Going to have to take it easy on the leftover pie.


I rode for one hour easy because I promised my wife I wouldn’t be gone all afternoon while she prepared dinner. I went one hour and three minutes. :wink:


Did 50 miles… outside. gasp Mostly z2/z3. Still not very good at convincing myself to climb subthreshold so I spiked up a little bit into z5.


Did Whiskey :tumbler_glass: today. Doing Donut :doughnut: tomorrow.

Back at it on Sunday. Hope you all are enjoying your off days as much as me :wink:


Carpathian Peak +2 this morning…
So far in my 9week Structured Training Career, this was the toughest workout yet!
You can see things went a bit pear-shaped on the last interval, but I tried to keep it together…
Rode Alpe Du Zwift, made it more bearable!


Hour bash ride this morning with the race team. Winter hack with full mudguards made sure that I worked for the full hour.


Have just finished McAdie, love over under workouts :crazy_face:


So I was supposed to do Kaweah (5x10 just under threshold). I was planning on doing Pettit before hand to give me 2h30 on the bike.

I ended up doing an outdoor ‘winter’ ride instead and incorporating some efforts…


I did something similar yesterday except intervals, started with 1x stout then 1x Pinto Grigio and finished with 1x whisky. Today, however will be 90 minutes of Clark.


Kaweah today. Sufficiently hard this time around.


Finally made time to try out Disaster-Half! It felt good for most of the first 2 hours, but things got hard toward the end. Looking forward to attempting the full thing (at which point I expect my FTP will be set higher, so extra fun).


Doing a little stomp with Clark today. Apparently my heart stopped for about 5 minutes


Warlow -1

Haven’t been on the over unders for a while with obvious results! Felt good to finish 4 even with the breaks.


Just started my sweet spot base, ramp test gave me a nice FTP boost from a few months back without any major training so super happy with that.


Wasn’t sure if I could do it, happy to see that I finished it.


70 minute run today, conversation pace but not necessarily easy.


Had a 30 minute run this morning in the hope I’ve recovered from my Achilles injury and then this pm did Adams whi;le watching the cyclocross WC…my Lord that was hard


Not easy having been to the movies earlier today. :crazy_face:


These are the best. Legs feel worked in the best well rounded way.


Adams or the CX?