What workout did you do today?


MVdP probably found the CX easier than I found Adams


I did Warlow today after driving home 5 hours from Louisville, but coming off of two days rest. It was a real sonofabitch. I had to bail 3 times for a total of about 45 seconds towards the end. Legs were cooked.

I’m convinced that Warlow is the surname of someone who kicked Coach Chad’s dog when he was a kid. You gotta be real pissed about something to invent a workout like this.

Back at it tomorrow…


Palisade - which is a good hard one but I did leg day at the gym yesterday. Heavy heavy legs when this was through.


There’s no way I eat enough food. 1,800kj!!
I went from 175 pounds to 160 in a month or two where I have stabilized. Not by choice. Not trying or wanting to lose wait.


You’ve been automatically enrolled in The Club; membership card is in the mail.

As for me…coming off 2 weeks of being sick. Pushed SPBuild forward 3 weeks, using next week to get back up to speed. Did Silverthrone today just to get the legs and internals used to bike riding again. It’s a neat little workout.

Oh, also on a new Kinetic trainer. So much easier to control fluid power than crappy mag power! I imagine the leap to direct drive is even more delightful.


Nice job man, I have Palisade on Wednesday, not looking forward to it.

I did Jepson this morning but for some reason the workout hasn’t synced from my laptop to TR yet, made all the rookie mistakes for a morning workout prior to it.

  • Snoozed
  • Didn’t have everything in the right place
  • Changed my morning routine

But the workout itself went fine.


Gone off piste. Couldn’t mentally face Beach and I’ve had to swap a few things around so Mary Austin is this week. Opted for a sprint session to keep the legs firing. Enjoy this type of session.


Back on the horse with VO2 max intervals, felt pretty easy but my thighs were like rocks when I got off.


I a bit on the run down side after the weekend and have Mills on the calendar tonight. Not sure if I am looking forward to it or not.

Update - made it through no problem. Wish I could figure out the weird power spikes from time to time (see ~32minutes) in Erg mode. All of a sudden the trainer power goes up even when the TR power isn’t changing.

Also determined that there is about a 1s delay if I zoom in transitions so short intervals with big changes often register as 10-50W below target - the shorter the interval the bigger the difference.


@PusherMan Have you done the sprints on ERG or resistance mode? What works better for sprints on Flux? And do you have the same mode throught the whole workout or change it before or after interval?


Survived Mary Austin today! I’m super happy with it because I bumped up my FTP by 5W since Lamarck went really well for me a few days ago. High suffer the entire way but I made it through without any issues.




Honestly, I don’t know. Sounds stupid I know but I didn’t even realise that you COULD change the resistance.

Guess that answers the second part of the question. I’ve been no help at all have I? Sorry buddy.


Nice one. That looks beefy.


Thanks! It’s a tough one - Coach Chad’s workout text towards the end claims it as one of the toughest in the TR catalog (although I have a much tougher time with 3min VO2max intervals like Spencer and Kaiser).


Same. I died on those 3 min VO2max intervals last week. Closed the casket and tossed the key. Have since been resurrected and now pray for sweet spot. I have a very hard line between threshold and whatever lies above. With sweet spot and threshold, no matter how long the workout, I can always pull through. But anything above threshold I can hear the clock ticking. Who knows, maybe I don’t eat enough sugar.


Carson- not a hard one but I needed a W after a rough few week.

I am in the second week of SSB1 MV. I actually swallowed my pride and lowered my FTP by 3% after failing to get through 2 of the workouts in the first week. Cross season took a toll on me- too much VO2 max work and racing and too little thought given to recovery. I took a week off to recover when the season ended and didn`t reassess when I came back to the trainer. My new FTP seems right- and I am no longer dreading upcoming over/under sessions.


Huffaker today
thinking that I am carrying a bit more fatigue in my legs than I’d like, but managed this one anyway. For some reason, the first easy week of the base season isn’t always as easy, and those 90 minute endurance rides will actually add a bit of fatigue in your system before starting out a new plan. I think it was clark, only had a 120 HR max during the session, but might not have fueled afterwards properly and made me have to be on catch up mode last week.


Carillon today.

I feel like it shouldn’t have been that hard, but after 90 minutes of over/unders yesterday my legs were heavy with fatigue…made this one a bit more ‘interesting’ than I would have liked. But I laid down 100 cents on the dollar :metal:


Ramp test day. FTP increased by 4% after SSBLVII! Happy camper!

Followed up the ramp test with Carson -5. Felt good


Did Kaweah at 1 pm, after fasting for 20 hours, to see how that would go. I had to backpedal once in the middle of the last two intervals, but on the whole, it went ok. After the backpedals, Power Match was strangely slow to get the power back up, which did make it a bit easier

Before starting the workout, I was pretty sore from a short, but fairly intense strength training session two days ago. Now my legs (especially the hamstrings) are so sore I walk funny! :rofl:
I’m kinda dreading how I will feel tomorrow :tired_face: