What workout did you do today?


A Silverthrone-esque Pettit (+4x20sec sprint intervals).

First “real” ride after 2 weeks off bike. So much wiggling and niggling trying to find my position again.


Decided to man up and get back on plan. Rode Pettit and actually enjoyed it. Form Sprints are good fun. Mary Austin next :ok_hand:


Huffaker today. Turned down 4% after the openers (I’ve done enough of these to know my repeatable work is not full 100% of that workout). Hard work at 640am. Was definitely not motivated to start but glad to be finished none the less.


Looks a bit chaotic due to the challenge of keeping the dumb trainer steady,however, somewhat chuffed with myself for knocking over every power target on Mills.


Fun ride at 2:36am, one way to start the day.


My first ever ramp test, followed by the Taku.


Huffaker for me today. Was my first hard ride after coming back from being sick.

Last 3 intervals were absolutely brutal. 10/10 did not enjoy. Feels good to finish though!


Lunch run 6km +100m at RPE6 but HR was unusually high, so more like a 7.

Evening swim, interrupted at the end of mainset for a swim class, so main set went from 1200m to 3000m and massive cramps accordingly, doh. 3800m including WU, too knackered for WD.


Ramp test followed by Carson -4. It doesn’t matter how many times I do it, that last 7 minute interval at %94 of FTP following a ramp test is just about the most difficult SS interval of any training block…

On the upside, a ~7% bump in FTP following a block of short power build. I’m just a few watts away from being back where I was during my peak this last summer. Should be able to get well past that peak in time for my first event in the spring.


This morning was a 40 minute EZ run.

Lunch time swim was 1500 yards of mostly drill work with a 5x100 thrown in for good measure.


Ramp test day - saw an FTP increase of almost 10% (!)

Reveling in the easy gains that come early on in consistent structured training - before TR, my riding has been consistent or structured, but I’ve never managed to do both at once. :smile:


Bashful +2 as part of Sustained Power Build. I had last week off due top Thanksgiving. VO2Max is my nemesis. Halfway through I remembered what happened last time I did Bashful and I cut my cadence down to 85-90. Did much better.

Had to take a break after the third interval of the final set as I let my cadence get above 95 again. There’s a small spike in the last interval that is a measurement system dropout, not me, honest.


I think you passed the sickness baton on to me. Lungs felt burned after Garfield yesterday. By bedtime I was coughing and running a temperature and today have pretty much laid on the couch all day.

My last bout of training-preventing-sickness was from Dec 21-31 2017 so I guess I was due; I knew all the germy kids I saw at preschool last week were out to get me.


Same here !


Did this yesterday teatime with a few connection issues. Had to dial back on ftp after weekend in Dublin :beers:


Palisade today, wasn’t looking forward to it as I struggled with it a lot during SSBLV1.

During the second interval I thought how am I supposed to finish the remaining three intervals but to my surprise I got through them without any big problems.


Did Leavitt -5

Followed up with a lunch time swim of 2000 yards, endurance set with minimal recovery between sets.


I also suffered through Palisade today. Two 15s backpedals on the last interval, other than that it was “fine”. This is masochism!



HUUUGE 10sec PM–>TR delay! :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:
That yellow line was aaaalll over da place!

Surprisingly easy considering I’m still sick :thinking:, although 2 weeks off the bike completely obliterated any and all souplesse I had in my legs…power wasn’t a problem but pedalling was downright awful!


A change up to our regularly scheduled programming today. I have disaster half penciled in (with ink!) for Saturday morning so in an attempt not to do overcook the TSS this week today was swapped out for baxter-2