What workout did you do today?


Mary Austin for me this morning. Done in a fasted state as I completely forgot that this was todays session. Can’t say that I suffered any side effects, in fact I felt stronger for intervals 5 & 6 than I did for 3 & 4. Not going to lie, glad I’ve got that one in the bag.

Build Phase next.


First time doing Dunderberg. Took a lot of concentration!


Cartwright, a real confidence builder if you can stick it out


Tallac tonight, 2 hrs outdoors tomorrow, palisade Saturday, duathlon Sunday. Solid 4 day block :grin:


What trainer are you using. I get this too and have never been able to diagnose the issue or repeat it in another training program (tacx or zwift)


TACX Vortex. Random power spikes or drops. Happens with both ANT+ and BT usually at low power settings from TR under 100W


I’m scheduled to do Tallac later today, and I’m posting this here to try and punk myself into doing.

I’m currently on an early flight from NYC back home to Chicago, and am definitely not feeling it today (see: whiskey does not make you faster :wink: )


Interesting. I also have a Tacx Vortex but have had the issue with both virtual power and powermatch with favero assioma on both ANT+ and Bluetooth. After the latest IOS app update I was hoping it may have solved the issue but still hasnt for me.


It had me this time…

Diamond +2


Ebbetts this morning with the new FTP setting, those last few sprints hurt!


Good effort! I’ll be doing this later in 2019 for my second A Race training. Thanks for the preview. :+1:


I had Jepson on deck for today, but I needed to get it in early this morning before work with plans for the evening tonight (when I’d normally do it). I was worried about how I’d do with the Threshold intervals after hopping out of bed, but the first interval went okay for the most part. Once I got a few minutes into the second one I lost all desire to push that hard and it broke me mentally. I just rode out the rest of the workout at ~200W and did the short sprints a little harder than targeted. Disappointing to have quit–definitely need more practice with hard work in the early AM.


My head wasn’t in the game today, but I dragged myself down to the well and gutted out Tallac. Sometimes you just don’t feel it…and sometimes you gotta get the work done anyway. Today was one of those days…


mountfield this evening, those 12 minute sweet spot efforts felt nicely tough enough after a month off the bike and some very naughty behaviour too. (Paid for it in FTP though :frowning: )

Was nice to get some TSS on the board this week


Tallac for me. Good times, I was getting into it but my toddler didn’t nap long enough for me to finish.
Thursday’s we (I carry him in the baby backpack) volunteer at a soup kitchen sorting hundred of pounds of donated food, so in a way it was a 2x workout day. So, I won’t feel too bad about cutting it short today. :upside_down_face::relieved::face_with_monocle:


Finally got through that post-surgery Pettit on Sunday, followed with Carter on Monday and a ramp test on Tuesday. I was pleased that about 10 weeks removed from my “A” 70.3 in September, and after a spotty, half-assed effort at SSB1 LV interrupted by a move and sinus surgery, and 10 days removed from said surgery, my ramp test was just 1 watt lower than my first two ramp tests in August and October. Weight’s gone up a few lbs since my race, but overall I’m just happy to get back into some consistency on the bike, this time in form of TR.

So, now three workouts into SSB1 MV, knocked out Mount Field yesterday and the effort felt right on. Looking forward to over-unders tomorrow… because I’m a bit of a masochist like that.


Thimble + 4 - barely made it through today, very hard one for me


Yesterday. Hard. Not enough recovery between sprints.

Today. Had another vo2 anerobic activity on the calendar today but there was no way.

Been on a mid vol TR plan since late August and my legs have felt pretty good. Never pumping up and “exploding” or burning up w lactate not even on ramp test. Past two workouts they have really pumped up. Not sure if it’s the type of workout or what. Only thing I’ve changed is Creatine. Started popping those pills a few days ago. Suggests 2 w every meal. I’ve never taken more than 4 a day. Only been 3 days. Maybe I’m just tired but when I was tired before I wouldn’t get pumped. Maybe different muscle fibers do different things when they’re tired.


McAdie +1. No Chad text. Could have done with some words of encouragement!


Yesterday did a 55 minute run. It was a cold and dark, windy miserable experience. Those temps are usually what we get in January, not November! If it gets really cold for January I might skip some of those runs for an aerobic ride indoors.

Rode donner today.

Have a pretty short continuous swim planned for today at lunch.