What workout did you do today?


I did Emerson before work this morning. Started the first interval at 98%; adjusted it to 100 and 102% later on ! Felt very good the whole workout.


I’m a dumb@#$.



Trying to get back my pedalling form and general position on the bike after being off for 2 weeks.

Next time I get sick I’m not taking any time off the bike; I’ll do 2% FTP rides just to keep my body in sync with the bike.


Did my first ramp test today. Can’t wait to start a training plan.


Actually really enjoyed this session, apart from the end of the second interval when the Kickr didn’t reduce the power!


Andrews this afternoon. Damn do I find intervals like this mind numbing! Thank God for the drills. Even resorted to standing drills to pass the time.

Still, that’s SSB low vol 2 completed. Onwards and upwards.


I did Spencer yesterday, man that was though.
Of course I didn’t make it easier on myself by doing the workout whilst being in a hurry and feeling hungry.

My external cadence sensor didn’t work for the session so had to do it on feel but I think I was 95 - 110 during the intervals

Diner and drinks until 4 am after as a reward for the effort haha


An aborted run through disaster half. I ran out of both time and motivation


Taku this morning. First workout after over a week of flu, so have to start ramping up really easy. We’ll see what’s up tomorrow.


Meteorite (with a few tweaks).

Deceptive recovery intervals at 60%, despite being long fatigue still accumulates “nicely”


Tried and brutally failed at spanish needle -2. Just started general build lv after successfully completing ssbiilv and never did these sprint workouts… probably will postpone general build for a couple of weeks to get used to these kinds of “fun” new workouts…


Spanish Needle +2 - got through the first two sets and then had to start skipping intervals in the third and fourth sets. Things got pretty bad in the fourth one. Taking it as a win though since last time I did this I only made it partway through the second set before I broke - brutal workout


I’m disappointed @trpnhntr. All you had to do was to complete a 2hr sprint workout :exploding_head: :scream:


Mcadie for me today, turned Netflix off, turned off the instructing too and found myself working much better.

I believe I’ve always been better without any distractions but somehow forgot this!


Antelope for me today :grinning:


Virginia, for the third time this week. End of week 3 of Traditional Base LV I; recovery week next week


A ridiculous outdoor ride in disgusting December weather - more evidence that I like type 2 fun a bit too much. But it imported into trainerroad well

Any recommendations for a recovery workout tomorrow? :joy:


I like the fact that I’ll probably never race against you. :+1:

And in other news…did post-sickness Spencer.
During the last interval my legs dropped by for a quick visit.
Was nice to catch up on old times. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Wheelchair? :man_shrugging: