What workout did you do today?


Kaiser 1 backpedal (Dmn it)


Palisade. 3 backpedals (36 total seconds).

I promised myself I was going to quit at least a half a dozen times. I was in misery. Feel pretty good about nailing 98% of it. Last day of SSBLV1 (with augmented TSS)…recovery week is next week. I need it.


McAdie +1 yesterday, Galena today. Beyond excited for my recovery week next week


And Lazy Mountain.

That’s right…it’s Double Day December!!! :boom::star_struck::zap:

Only 24 more sleeps until a rest day! :santa:


First time for me doing Palisade today… OST tends to throws my watts into chaos. I feel like I may be getting a little better at it than I was a few weeks ago though.

I dug real deep at the end just to punish myself for spiking so much…


Budawang +1 after a hard week. Looking forward to an easy ride tomorrow.


Carpathian Peak +2. These long workouts playing around threshold are so different than I’ve done in previous years and my 2019 season curve is already starting to look a lot like my all time curve. I can’t wait for race season!


Currently riding recess ina fatigued state, no rides until wed after this :slight_smile:


She’s a cruel mistress, Mary Austin.


Snap, Mary Austin for me too. Didn’t find it too challenging actually. Looking forward to retesting soon and hoping for a bump!


I’m better at longer efforts, so maybe this is my personal bias - but I can’t imagine completing all four sets. I’m sure there are people out there who can do it, but this is way outside of my wheelhouse

You never know! Do some road racing in the north east US and maybe we’ll be in the same field


Here’s one that switches up the typical expectation of a workout. After a hard effort I’ve been trained to anticipate a rest. This one has no rests. In place of rest you get 20 second VO2 efforts and then settle back into 90-95% of ftp. It’s a good one. Probably good for time trial prep. Great for mental strength, to keep the power down and consistent.


I just started my first week on TR and also completed Antelope on SSB1. I felt the same on that last interval. However, I found that the first interval was also a little tough and then my body started adjusting very well. I thought that would last but nope. Those last 5 minutes seemed to be more psychologically hard because I kept thinking I am almost there. I found myself counting down and dividing the time, telling myself half of ten is 5. I can make that. Half of 5 is 2.5 and I can make that. Then finally, 2.5 minutes. I’m there! I should make a note that my FTP is much lower than yours. I’m very much looking forward to completing Base 1 so I can retest.


Ha I always imagine being 5 minutes from home and that helps me keep it together. I tell myself, ”That’s only from the coffee shop to my door, I got this, easy.”
Antelope is a good one.


Brunch date with Mary Austin.

Didn’t puke so that’s a bonus.

And holy :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:!!!
I just scrolled through my calendar and realized I don’t have M.A. scheduled ever again!!!
It’s ok to drink champagne before noon on a Sunday, right?


Technically it was yesterday, but I did a long TT effort up a climb to validate my ramp test number. My brain and my body is pretty well calibrated because the ramp test, the TT effort, the WKO4 model, and my own projection were all within a 5 watt range of each other.

Feeling pretty good about my starting point for the 2019 season.


Anyone know why my IF dropped from 91 to 89, I didn’t knock it down at all and hit all the prescribed power targets?


I think it is an artefact of your equipment.

I don’t know what trainer you are using but if you look at your power line vs the goal, every time the intensity steps up you round off the corner.


No motivation and tired legs after the usually “easy” group ride that turned into “dodge the marathon runners” at the park/slug fest ytd.

Loving that intervals search feature!!! Did 1000+ watts 12 times :muscle:

Went to the gym instead for almost 2 hr today working on legs, core and stability.
Now time to recover before vo2 sess on Tuesday :facepunch:


Felt pretty good considering yesterday I did Leconte.