What workout did you do today?


Galena +1 today. Wow, this was really hard for me. I think I did not eat well enough beforehand, and I bonked towards the end of the first interval and needed to take on carbs. I finished the first interval, just, and then dropped the intensity to 90% for the rest of the workout. I’m torn between being disappointed for bonking and needing to turn the wick down, and being pleased for actually finishing in modified form. I think I’ll go with pleased. This was very hard for me.


Palisade. Finally completed it after two previous attempts. :+1: Felt good from the start. I had an extra day of rest and was fueled up.


Ride #2: Lazy Mountain -1.


This was the first time I’d come by a slow cadence workout. Picked it at random. 75ish suggested cadence. So different. Someone in another thread was talking about how rarely they come up in a phase.


It isn’t a proper Sunday brunch without the champagne :wink:
I have to take on Mary Austin next week for SSBLV2, excited but also scared haha.

Darwin this morning after a weekend with late nights and booze, it seems my heart needed some time to stop panicking about the fact that I was trying to do something healthy after such a weekend.

These type of workouts were really hard for me when I just started TR but now I have no problem completing them:


Did Mills today , felt good the last six intervals upped the intensity by 2% . I feel an increase in FTP in a couple of weeks ( or at least that is what i hope :wink: )


Are you north east or mid-atlantic?

I always read your name as terrapin hater… for some reason I keep seeing that second n as an a.


I did Mills today, Slid off the rollers in the second interval, then dropped my chain trying to get back up to speed again

Drill focused swim at lunch today.


I guess technically mid-atlantic although I am a little unclear on where that line would be drawn


North east is New England + NY


I did Tunnabora last night. I have to say that I really like an idea of varying cadence drills.


Spencer today. I must be improving as I had enough in the tank to go 102% and 106% on the last two intervals. A 15 minute cool-down nearly killed me though


@bioteknik, that one should have been posted in the excuses thread


Kearsarge. Strangely enough, it was better than I thought.


Second ramp test, followed by Ericsson-5. 19 point increase on the ramp so I was a happy chap.


Both were already in that thread when i looked


Kaiser this morning, was tough, but felt pretty good!


I did Ericsson this morning. Looking at some of your screenshots I am far less accurate in maintaining the required power compared to a lot of you. I’m guessing that’s either down to experience as I’m relatively new to power based trainer air you are using smart trainers


Day one of TR was yesterday, starting SSBHV.

Very fun! But I sort of misunderstood how TR works and what was going to happen. My FTP was just a lowball estimate so the beginning was very easy. I remembered reading about the 19th minute on the forums here, so I figured that would be the end and tried to really turn it on. But it obviously wasn’t the end. Then I figured if I missed the target power the workout would end, but it doesn’t. I figured out how to stop everything and rolled off the trainer.

Would it be a good idea to retest before starting the real work or should I just wait and see if things are a little too easy? Not sure if I managed to throw the ramp calculations off at all.


Do you have any basis for what your FTP ‘should’ be separately from this test? If you have a solid training history and a good idea of what your FTP is then I’d recommend setting your FTP to that and carrying on with your plan.

If you really don’t know a semi-accurate baseline number then definitely increase your FTP a bit over the setting you had going into the ramp test and retest again the next day (you shouldn’t carry a ton of fatigue from just this test).

You don’t want to start a ramp test with a drastically too low FTP as it will negatively impact your results

For the record - if you break (stop pedaling) in the test at 19:30 that means you will have maintained the same FTP that you had at the start of the test - so if you are expecting a significant increase or decrease you will either under or overshoot that time. The test will keep going until you break - there is no ‘end’ until you stop pedaling