What workout did you do today?


Ramp test this morning for the start of SSBII HV. Managed to get through 20 minutes which saw a bit of an improvement. Strange thing is the workout didn’t record properly. Any else had this issue? See below:


I did Tinker +5

Figured out how to post the picture

Really struggled with this to hold target power


Mills today. HRM battery died near the end :frowning:


Ericsson for me today as well, had a big TSS weekend so was slightly apprehensive but 48hrs recovery was enough. Felt great throughout the workout and super motivated. Starting to feel like my fitness is coming back up


Shorter intervals for me tonight although I didn’t get the intensity right and struggled for the last 2. Maybe my legs still felt a little heavy from Sunday.

2/3 x 6 at 135% FTP


Mary Austin seated the whole time with no backpedal. Phew.


Mills over here. Definitely no Boon.

First VO2max after giving whole blood 12 days ago…a few shortened intervals. Oops.


Never thought I’d be so happy to complete Pettit, but after 3 and a half weeks plagued by the worst cold i’ve had in years and unable to train, it was awesome just to be turning the pedals again!


Antelope -4

Apart from fidgeting around (bike refit this week), this was pretty straight forward. Not ridden outdoors since my last race on 28th October so really having to get my head in gear at the moment.


Ramp Test + Carillon -4 to start Build Phase Sustain Power Build High Vol, Just finished SSB Mid Vol II last week. Its funny I feel good as a had significant jump in FTP but on the other hand I’m a little nervous because with this hugh increase in FTP its game on for the build phase


Survival of the fittest - Darwin




Pisgah +6 - relatively happy with this one - four minute intervals at that intensity is a strength I reckon

Three minutes at 120% - tips?

Ramp + Taku -1.

Goal was 430w for 1 min…hit 400 for 10s…:confused:
Not bad for being sick for 2 weeks.

Definitely have to learn how to go all out in that last 1-2 minutes cuz I think my head quits way before my legs are ready to. :persevere:


I’m starting the same plan but not with the same significant FTP jump. I have a feeling December is going to be a real ripper! Will see if the +/- button comes into play…


Julius Caesar - excellent workout as it highlights my weakness at vo2 and comparative strength in threshold efforts.

No in ride commentary though - you don’t realise how much you miss those little prompts until they’re not there!


I had to do Julius Ceasar +3 last Friday and have +4 planned for this Friday…those workouts are tough!!

Same as you, struggled with the last couple VO2 max efforts but held threshold power ok


Just looked at +3, looks savage, kudos for getting it done.


Kaweah as the first hard workout of SSBII.

Pleased to get through okay after a reasonable FTP jump at start of the new plan!


Huffaker this morning - was worried I might need a bucket after the third interval! :smile: But a good workout overall and managed to finish it out all at 100%. 10/10 would buy again