What workout did you do today?


Nice work! I failed to fully complete Spencer once again last night (this was the 4th time I’ve done it over the years and haven’t ever made it through 100%)–my target was 363W and I went 365/368/366/355/338 with my HR and effort level still near max on the last two, but the legs just running out of juice. :weary:


Thanks. I’m still in the early stages of gains and you are miles ahead on FTP. I’ve always been a decent steady state rider, my weakness is short bursts. I can keep up until someone decides to “break”, I just can’t match the acceleration.


Huffaker for me today…it hurt but got it done at 100% so feel great afterwards !


Day 2 of “RETURN FROM THE LURGY OF DOOM”, upping the intensity from Pettit yesterday (0.63IF) to Echo -4 today (0.73IF). HR still a fair bit higher than when I’m fighting fit, but the physical feelings were good!


Jepson for me.

Had to lower it by 3%. Just felt like i couldn’t get a proper lungfull of air… Not sure what’s going on, think this illness is still lingering.


Completed Leconte today for the first time, it was part of my pre-loaded SSBLV2 plan so I have no idea if it’s the new or the old version as it seems to have been changed.

Went fine until the riding while standing drills in the last two blocks, that made it extra hard for me as climbing whilst standing is something that I need to work on the coming year.

The extended cool down function just came available on the mac, couldn’t have come at a better moment for me.

Kaiser is up next on Friday, nothing better than doing VO2 max workouts in the early morning


Back to the normal (sort of) training today after the flu, and Donner in the bank.


Pretty easy ride this morning with Beech

Lunch swim was 200 warm up, 6x100 hard on 2 min interval, right in to 5x100 ez on 1:50 interval, right in to 5x100 ez on 1:40 interval, 200 cool down. With SSBII ramping up the TSS from here on out, thinking I will only be doing easier effort swims for the remainder of the block.


Carson today. Felt great, no issues. Second round of over unders coming Friday. Not looking forward to it. Learned my lesson. :blush:


Did Lamarck this morning. Felt really good sitting at FTP for 10min at a time, but those 2min recoveries goes by soooooo quick!! Two more hard workouts left (Mary Austin and Wright Peak-1) then into recovery week for SSB2 Mid Vol. Then Ramp Test time! I am hoping for a good bump in FTP and especially w/kg as I have been doing really well in dropping weight. I also did not miss one single workout so far in my almost 11 weeks of SSB1 & SSB2 :sunglasses:


Pierce this morning. I’d say that a total of 45 sprints at 125%FTP is just about on my limit at this moment in time. Loved this session.


End of SSB1, did the ramp test followed by Taku this morning.
Up from 339 to 354 which puts me at around 4w/kg.
If I could get my weight down to 86kg (easy doable as I was there this summer) and my watts up to 370 I’d be over the moon!
Maybe even push for that 4.5w/kg for summer?!
Bring on SSB2 and build!


Kern today, and what dark places that took me to! A few times through the workout I was thinking “I should have just gone to the park”.

I took an extra 10 seconds rest just after the last 95% interval, but apart from that it was just a case of digging deep and channelling the knowledge that I’d done the work to get me this far.


Darwin. What? No cool-down!?! :man_shrugging:

Didn’t notice TR had ended the workout until a few minutes after the last interval. Fortunately I use my Wahoo Bolt as my “real” power file so was able to capture my 5-minute cool-down. This was the first workout I’ve done with such an abrupt ending!


RIP Mary Austin. Wright Peak -1 and then I’m done with my preseason base. Woop Woop.


Yesterday was carter, and I found the whole experience joyless. I would much prefer some harder intervals than that. Thankfully I have Carson tonight


I know what you mean. These sessions are the hardest sessions for me to commit to.


Carpathian peak + 2 today . Tough but gut through it !!! Jepson tomorrow and Juneau -1 over the weekend . SSB is a lot tougher than i thought, happy i took Mid Volume instead of High Volume .


None. Sick since yesterday. :sneezing_face:


Well, the next day was Wilhelm +5 it was a disaster with the high FTP jump .

I had to lower workout intensity 85% .??? So I guess I blew my ramp test or skewed it somehow??? Not wanting to lose tng days Ramp testing i will manually adjust from my new new lowered FTP by 15% which is an 2-3 % increase from my old FTP??? And in the build phase you ramp every 4 weeks so we will see what happens.

Bottomline I have noticed improvements outdoors.