What workout did you do today?


Today I did Murder +4.

Did I say Murder? I meant Matthes +4. What a beast.



Carson tonight, really enjoyed that workout


English +4 tonight - rough day at work, wasn’t sure I’d get through this one after the stress of the day but I made it


I did Jepson today, I wasn’t sure if I should or not because I didn’t feel to great yesterday. I really wanted to conduct a little study on spindown time and resistance unit temperature for my KK Road Machine so I went for it and I am glad that I did. I have been feeling great ever since.


My first workout of SusPow Build – Mills +3.

Think I found my personal VO2max: 125%.

I did the middle 4 intervals @105%, which felt like VO2max should feel – hard!

That said, I totally blew the next interval, which means ~120% is probably my repeatable power.


Completed Kaiser this morning, feels like a confirmation that all the previous workouts were worth it.
At a few moments in the last 20 seconds of the interval I couldn’t really keep the cadence above 100.

But figured it was better to go to 95/90 cadence rather than adjusting the intensity down to keep the 100.


Jepson today

I did most of the main sets without changing gears for the sprints… I should probably be shifting after the initial surge to keep the watts on target at a cadence that isn’t above 110-115.


Did antelope yesterday (part of SSB1 HV), felt pretty good, HR not surpassing 160. My TSB went to -11, with CX season my CTL has hovered in the low 50’s with positive TSB, since I wasn’t really focused on high volume training. I’ve said it elsewhere, but whenever I’ve been testing lately my FTP would be 260-265, but I’ve had my FTP set at 275 the entire year, and I’m getting through these sweet spot workouts (albeit early in the plan) with no problem, so I feel kind of validated in this kind of approach of setting aside the test results and go with what really works for the type of workouts I’m doing.


It’s been a disappointing week for me :sob::sob::sob:

I decided to really killed it on Sunday at the gym… My lactic acid is going crazy even at sweetspot, plus I was deathly sore on Monday and Tuesday.


Must have been one hell of a gym session to be destroyed for a week haha.

I get terrible doms from legwork as well but not that I am not able to cycle for a week


Reinstein week 1, now that was a good one. That last under/over was tough, but made it through it.


Pettit for me today, first big sweet spot weekend ahead of me (although last weekend I did do a CX race and 2hr endurance ride on Saturday and Wright Peak -2 on Sunday, so that’s only like half true)


For the first time in 5 yrs I finally conquered this bad boy.


Tunemah. Fueled it much better than Reinstein last week, nailed it and was gassed at the end.


AM – Dans
PM – Fang Mountain +3

Second workout in my first Build phase…totally under-fueled it; a 2hr ride is not the same as a 2hr workout.
Did 3/6 intervals then crashed in the 4th. Turned the rest into an Endurance ride. Was this close to passing out at the end, but legs feel like they should after a hard workout.

I still think over/unders and a fanging pain in the fang.



That’s not for winning but for trying for 5 years!!!


Pettit for the 3rd time this week. End of Trad Base LV I and new ramp test on Monday


Thank you. I do SSB every off season so I can get a crack at Leconte and Mary.


Somebody shout at me! I should be riding Tunemah, yet here I am, sitting on my ass and surfing the Internet :tired_face:


Two back to back races on Zwift. Two 4th places in A.