What workout did you do today?


I do try to follow the workout advice, but when doing under overs I deliberately varied it and my HR and RPE were lower when I dropped the cadence from 90-95 to 80-85. And thatvstuck through to my last set of intervals.


Just failed LeConte as a break from studying for finals. I think part of it was mental fatigue, but holy smokes :exploding_head:


I wouldn’t call that a fail. I’d call it crushing ‘Leconte -0.75’. :wink:


Nothing like Spanish Needle with a new and improved FTP to wake up the system!!! Wow…it hurt…alot.


That’s the kind of optimism I need in my life! :sweat_smile: Thanks!


Leconte done.


Mount goode modified. Hard enough :sweat_smile:


After a long week in work and general life stress I couldn’t face doing structured stuff this weekend so I defected and burned my zwift trial. Today was a climb up alp de zwift. While an interesting experience I’ll be sticking with trainer road. I don’t see any added value in zwift for me.


Zwift Medio Fondo. That was a proper race effort🤮


Antelope with two broken wrists…no war story on this. Broken them two weeks ago, while installing my Christmas lights (ladder slipped). Left is not too bad, but had plate and screws for the right arm.


Hi guys,

Palisade for me today…


This workout (Leconte) and the one next week (Mary Austin) get built up as real tests of will and it didn’t disappoint…well, it almost did starting out the second set where it was really hard to get back into things and I had thoughts about throwing in the towel, but the second interval of the second set actually felt better as I adjusted to the level of “suck” and pushed through. The same thing happened on the third set as well, but I was better prepared for it. One good thing about being on a dumb trainer is that I was never grinding against “the wall” of Erg mode and could work through my own wall until I settled in, without having to drop intensity and likely never bumping it back up. Also rode it while doing the Zwift December (Bambino) Fondo so tacked on an extra 10’ cooldown at the end to finish it out just riding around 200W, since I started the TR workout early before the event.


kept grinding


358 man- wow! Great work


End of SSB1 HV week 1 today with Wright Peak -2. Not sure if I’ll experience any real improvements in FTP (at 275 I sort of think I’m at my max with 3.9w/kg when I’m at racing weight), but my RPE at doing long sweet spot intervals has definitely improved in just this week, so it’s a win.


Thanks! Working now since 2017 with trainerroad… my first FTP was somewhere around 280 watts. Very happy with TR :slight_smile:



Still some niggling and wiggling going on…until I raise my front end a la @mcneese.chad for the last interval and all of a sudden I feel like a bike rider again instead of some medieval contraption torturee.

Will see what happens with Kosciuszko +4 after a rest day.


Leavitt -2. Was down for +2 but felt a bit fatigued so swapped it out

That’s two weeks of Base mid vol down, and with a few outdoor rides added I’m on a good overall TSS. I’m glad for the rest days which probably means I’m about right for the overall intensity



Finally got around to Mary Austin after blowing it off for two weeks. That’s what’s great and what sucks about TrainerRoad. The workouts are always there - lying in wait


Aniakchak. I was pretty beat by that last 19 minute interval.