What workout did you do today?


I will be repeating SSBII but tweaking it a bit with the calendar to increase TSS by 10%. Been doing multiple blocks of SSBII back to back for the past two seasons with good success. (and then follow it up with yet another SSBII of the same TSS while I increase my running mileage prior to the build.)

Build will be short power, specialty will by XCO (low volume each adding 1 ez ride) , all while trying to add in the runs from the olympic triathlon plan mid volume. Since these plans are almost entirely short AC intervals, I would prefer to do as much aerobic, FTP increasing work as I can for the offseason before the really hard stuff gets going.


Me too. Because of my timeline it was recommended I do Base/Build/Base/Build/Spec. But I might swap that around…I’ve got a couple more weeks of current plan to see what kind of combo I can come up with.


Yup, I’m doing what works for me and my schedule. I can’t commit to a build during the offseason since i need to try and get as many brownie points as i can to get some leeway when i want to do longer rides during the warmer months.


Antelope -4 tonight.

Hard, but probably because of the one i did yesterday.


I have to do Kaweah early tomorrow AM. Not looking forward to it.



Or as I like to call it, “Chad’s a dirty ^%@#%&!!!”. *

Sneaky intro to over-under territory.

*(aka “My muscular endurance sucks!” :tired_face: )


Fang Mountain +1

Doing sustained build low volume while I have some down time in training and a busy schedule. Was able to turn the last two intervals up by 3%. The last peak was surely a battle to the end though. Think I can expect an FTP increase next time around! Which should put me at my highest FTP since starting TrainerRoad. Stoked!


Last night was Carson. I’m currently having ‘great fun’ using an air resistance dumb trainer and my power meter while waiting to get my Flux back from Tacx.


Tallac +3
2 hours of undulating sweetspot work.


NO workout today!!! :partying_face:



Beech. Recovery week finally starting to feel like recovery. Legs are starting to come around


I also had a rare day off, went to a football game last night but wasn’t so pretty for my boys.

Tomorrow… palisade 2 min over unders, plus I have to do it early since my wife is having a ladies night out tonight and I have to be done before my daughter gets up. (about 7)


Palisade today for me. Last 2 blocks of intervals really hurt. I was turning the legs at 60-65rpm at some points absolutely cooked. Managed to make it through though :slight_smile:


Ouch, were you at least standing at that rpm?


Palisade here as well, didn’t feel as hard as it supposed to be I think… I m hoping for an FTP bump in 2 weeks at the end of SSB 1… :crossed_fingers:


Mainly standing when i dropped that low, but had to sit back down after a bit - my stitch wasn’t helping.

Also don’t think the beers last night helped haha


McAdie +1. Over under-unders can die in a fire. Take 3x20 SS any day of the week. SSB1 is in the books though.


Berkshire for me.




That would be too good for them.

Will think about new ways to kill o/u when I do Palisade later today.

p.s. – I really like how you let it rip right at the very end!